Sacramento Photowalk

Interested in joining me for a little photowalking around downtown Sacramento? Then do it!

Tuesday, 12/27/11.

Let’s meet at 4 pm in front of the California Capitol building. This will give us plenty of time to gather up, before the sun sets.

Dusk and twilight shots around the capitol building can be wonderful. The downtown area is just loaded with great neon for some additionally great night life photography.

March Challenge, week #1

This month’s photo challenge is all about night photography. We’re shooting three shots a week. This gives us the opportunity to plan a bit for our shots, but we can space it out if we want to. Because of my work schedule, I’m going to be shooting all three, each week, on the same night.

Last night I got out, in a break in the rain. It was the perfect time, a bit cold, but awesome because the rain stopped for about 30 minutes.

March Challenge, #1

March Challenge, #2

March Challenge, #3