Sarah, The Princess

The Princess The Princess

What can I say about The Princess? She’s my first and only daughter. I can’t stand how much I love her and yearn to protect and help her grow into the awesome young woman she’s already becoming. When she was born it took our tiny family of two, only a year old, and grew us into a time-to-get-responsible family.

God did some amazing things to me, spiritually when she arrived. He grew me and immediately set to changing my character. I’m so thankful for The Princess and her influence on me. Some of the same things that frustrate her, frustrate me. We get disheveled quite similarly, and struggle to respond the right way.

She’s the coolest teenager, and I’ve loved nearly every stage of her life.

Skiing with The Princess

She’s supposed to be reading her CA driver’s education manual, because as soon as she does, she can hit the road!

Oh, she’s a great pianist. I love to listen to her play! She has what I call the Marvel ear, able to pick out a tune with great ease, and play it back within hours sometimes. (My Mamaw Rachel Marvel, lived to enjoy 5 generations together, The Princess bouncing as a baby on her knee. She had an ear for music and could pick out most tunes.)

The Princess is a giver too. She goes with her youth group on many outings, several of which are serving the community. I see her go even when her friends and others don’t. She is such a blessing to so many.


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