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The past few years have been really a lot of fun for me, photographically. Moments after I decided to jump into this fun hobby of taking photos, I stumbled upon a tiny group of photowalkers.

The idea blew my mind. Within weeks I was trying to wrangle together my own photowalk. The first one I hosted was at the Santa Barbara Old Spanish Mission. No one showed up. My voice wasn’t loud enough.

Santa Susana Mountains Photowalk group photoSo I decided to contact the top photowalks I could find; Thomas Hawk and Robert Scoble. They were cool and gracious. I launched, and it took off. Within a month or so, I had conceived that I could make a better contribution, by helping others launch their own photowalking groups. This increased the volume of my voice, and soon photowalking groups were popping up everywhere. Reflecting back now, I recall never really caring about competition. Honestly, I was just glad to see others getting together to take photographs.

The whole thing was quite exciting. Along the journey, I’ve met some awesome photographers, who have all contributed to my own growth as a photographer.

In March of 2007, I got the exciting idea of picking up a domain, associated with “photowalking”, and starting a blog. was launched! (I no longer own that domain, and it appears to host malware, so don’t go there!)

DSC_7123With the hopes of turning this effort into a community, I set out blogging about photowalks I was organizing in and around Southern California. After a while, I began interacting other photowalking organizers, in different locations around the country, and even a few in other countries. I invited any of them that wanted, to post their own photowalking articles on Many took my offer and ran with it! Over time several of these photowalking organizers took the initiative to start their own blog. Either way, I was just glad to help out in any way I was able.

The journey of was much like a bell curve. We quickly took off, gaining in popularity and interest. Eventually, as the idea of photowalking began to get more universally recognized, slowly became less of a starting point for those interested in participating in their own photowalks. Along the way, I met some of the coolest photographers there are. Many of you I’ve intereacted with enough to want to buy you a cup of coffee, when we meet some day. I’ve planned family trips and vacations around photowalking in new and exciting places. This too helped me continue to meet so many of you great people!

Thomas HawkDSC_7362DSC_5674

Today you can search for “photowalk” and find all sorts of great resources and direction for participating in and even starting your own photowalk. Even Scott Kelby has hijacked the term, seeking to cash in on the popularity.


In late 2009 I decided that was no longer necessary in it’s initial form. All of the other authors had moved on to their own methods of organizing their own photowalks, and I had moved away from Southern California. With all the work necessary to properly manage a WordPress blog, I decided to take down the original content. I simply was ready to move on.

We had a good run!


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