Finally, no more nights!

This morning I got off work, after having been on nights for 8 months. Working all night long sucks. We work 4 month rotations. Last rotation, I was expecting to go to day shift, and on the last night, my supervisor informed me that I was “being traded.” So what should have been 4 months turned into 8. That sucked.

So now, I’m working days. Yeah.


The Office rocks!

The Office is quite possibly one of my favorite television shows. When the TIVO gets here this week, every episode will be recorded for our future viewing pleasure, that and LOST.

Deanna likes Dwight K. Shrute. She laughs histerically during his rants and one-liners.

I am partial to Jim and all of his doings. Jim and Pam have a great comedy thing going. On this week’s episode, “Conflict Resolution”, I could not regain my composure while Michael was reading all of Dwight’s complaints about Jim. This laundry list of offenses should be entered into the Bible of pranks. Their address would be John 3:16, for they are fundamental to the Prank Lifestyle.

First complaint

I hate it when you visit a band’s website, and the music starts playing right away. That ticks me off. You know, some of us visit the internets whilst we’re at work. Thanks for giving me away!

For my music podcast, I visit hundreds of band websites. You know where I’m headed with this one. One day, I decided to play a song from each website I visited that didn’t force me to hear their stuff.


Thanks for checking out my recently updated personal blog. I’m Trevor, and I don’t have much to say right now. You may ask yourself, “Self…then why does he have a blog?” To that I say, “I don’t know. I guess because everyone else has one.”