Disney’s California Adventure…

Disney's California AdventuraTook the fam to Disney’s California Adventure yesterday. We had a blast.

It’s definately a place for the bigger kids. My 2 year old couldn’t experience all of it, and he spent a lot of time in the stroller. We’re gonna try it without him later this summer. The older two had a blast, and D and I decided that we’d like to return without any of them at least once.

We’re really starting to enjoy the fun of having season passes. Can’t wait until the holidays.


The Best Season 2 Episode…

Last night, D and I watched Conflict Resolution again. I bought it from the iTunes Music Store. Of course I’m talking about The Office.

It is absolutely the funniest episode of the season. We laughed until it hurt. I had to rewind a couple of times, because we missed lines from laughter. I can watch the part where Michael reads all of Dwight’s complaints about Jim over and over again. I also love when Jim blurts out that Dwight tried to kiss him, and he’s not sure how he feels about it. Hilarious!

I love that Pam knows about the Dwangela conspiracy, and keeps it to herself. It’s almost as if she’s holding on to it for some ammunition. I was also entertained by Jim’s harrassment of Dwight. But, as Jim was realizing that his days are empty, I really was sad for him. I think that John Krasinski really did a great job on during those scenes.
What was your favorite episode?

Scooters in New York…

Last year, Deanna and I went to the Big Apple for our anniversary. We had a great time. It was the first trip there for both of us. One thing that caught my attention while we were there was the NYPD motorcops on Piaggio scooters.They were basically fancy Vepsa’s. What a sweet ride. I’d love that detail.

A podcast for “The Office”

Tell me what you think. I’ve been podcasting several different shows for months now. I’ve learned quite a lot about podcasting, and would love to add another show. This time I’m talking with my wife about joining me as a co-host. We’d maybe even add one of her friends. We all love The Office, and could easily do a weekly podcast covering our reaction to each weeks’ hilarity and shenanigans.

I went ahead and purchased DunderCast. This could serve as our podcast’s home and name. This will only work if I can have some help each week with feedback.

We have so much fun laughing at each episode, and checking out the several great blogs dedicated to The Office. I’ve been a fan of several other TV show fan podcasts, and have learned the formats that work. I’ve even contributed to a couple LOST podcasts.

Add your comments and let me know what you think.

Gotta love real sports fans!

RyanMy brother-in-law is a Dodger fan, like most in my family. The Dodger game is like a cultural experience for our family. It is a rite of passage.

I can remember going to Dodger games when I was much younger, and we’d call my Mamaw Rae (read great-grandmother) to tell her about the game. We are a family of Dodger fans. When Mamaw Rae went home to be with our Lord, we mourned our loss of her, and the Angels in heaven now have a rival, a Dodger fan.Ryan

I considered checking the Dodgers’ record before writing this post, but it doesn’t matter. Real fans:

  • Cheer when their team is loosing.
  • Paint themselves in their team’s colors.
  • Bleed their team’s color.
  • Often loose their voice at games.
  • Have seen their team play in another team’s stadium.
  • And most importantly…stay until the end.

The Office….continues to rock!

The season finale of The Office last week was hilarious. We laughed for days. Creed’s kleptomania is just so perfect. Remember the week before, with the office ID cards? When Creed sat down to take his picture and instinctively turned to the side, tonight’s reveal of his “habit” must be why.

Of course my wife and her friend cannot stop talking about the “scene,” when Jim and Pam kissed. They actually mean the two scenes, since they did it twice. It will be interesting to see how they handle it when the show returns in the fall. Now that The Office has been picked up, and they’re saying it will get a real full season.

I have to say that it was a great finale, but the last two episodes before it were definately some of the best episodes so far. Dwight’s list of Jim’s offenses is great. We laughed for days. Dwight calling Phyllis a clown, with her make up, was hilarious. What are your favorite spots recently?

Tivo installation update…

Tivo InstallationClick the photo for a close-up.

It’s installed. Holy cow, what a pain in the butt. Not because the Tivo was hard, that was easy. But, when you have a whole bunch of other crap that must jive together, you gotta “jerry-rig” a little.

I had to go with the WiFi network access in order for Tivo to communicate with Big Brother. Which meant I had to travel the stairs a million times in order to calibrate, recalibrate, and finally calibrate the WiFi network settings. Once I got the Tivo to see the home network, and connect, it was smooth sailing. Sort of.

Next I discovered that I didn’t have enough high quality cables in order to keep each video source accessible. So, I decided to get an A/V switcher. This basically allows me to plug up to 4 sources of A/V content into the device. Then only one set of A/V cables goes “out” of the switcher “in” to the television.

I have the DirecTV go into the Tivo, then that travels into the switcher for channel 1. The DVD player is channel 2. The Playstation 2 is channel 3. The VHS machine still runs direct into the TV. So everything but the VHS machine run into the extra “video” input on the TV. It works now. Tonight’s episode of ABC’s LOST will be the first show Tivo’ed at our house.

It has arrived….Tivo!

Today, our new Tivo arrived via FedEx. I can’t wait to get it up and running. I hear so many folks go on and on about how they love their Tivos.

I do have some work to do though. Apparently, when plugging the Tivo into a phone line, it doesn’t work with Vonage. Our phone service is Vonage, so I have to use the networking capability of the Tivo. Well, that sucks, mostly because my network is entirely wireless. I mean, there’s a hub, but it’s upstairs, tucked into an armoire. But the Tivo won’t be up there. It’ll be with the TV downstairs. Ahhhh!

So now I have to figure out how to get an ethernet plug on the Tivo, plugged into an ethernet plug 200 feet away! I guess I could just get that USB/WiFi dongle thingy. But that’s just more money. I hate Tivo.

I think I’ll just throw down and get the wireless thing. Oh well. I’ll let you know how I like it, when I get it working.

The iRiver arrived!

iRiver iFP-795I recently ordered an iRiver iFP-795 from overstock.com. I know, I’m a Apple guy. However, the iPod really doesn’t have recording capabilities and I have wanted that for quite some time. So, I waited until I found one for a good price. Overstock is a great place to find stuff on the cheap.

So, I ordered it and Brown delivered it today. I’ll be using it to record “on the go” stuff for my podcasts. I hope to use it soon. If I can sell my car soon, I’ll be getting a Vespa and I’d love to record a nice “sound-seeing tour” with it. We’ll see.

This thing is so small, and light. It runs on a single AA battery,Griffin Lapel Mic cool. The menu can be quite confusing, especially when considering the iPod’s menu. But, I had already found a nice set of instructions to help me turn it into the perfect mobile podcasting rig. A month or so ago I bought a Griffin LapelMic, and I’ll be using it to capture the audio. It even came with some nice little ear buds. In fact, there are several nice accessories that came with it. Apple could take some lessons here.

The Da Vinci Code…

You know, there are a lot of Christian leaders shouting, “Stay away from The Da Vinci Code!” Why? Are they afraid that their parishioners and congregants will learn false teachings? Are they afraid that their people will be lead away from the faith?

Any concern for their people should have manifested itself years ago, when they failed to lead them in genuine study of the Word of God. They failed to teach the truth yesterday, and now a wolf in sheep’s clothing is threatening them today. The “children of God” don’t know the difference between sheep and wolves. I propose that those children of God are not children of God.

We’re too busy having seminars and programs instead of teaching the Word of God. We don’t take the time to read our Bibles, instead we’re watching all kinds of TV and reading pulp-fiction.

Father Jonathan MorrisA catholic priest, father Jonathan Morris, wrote a great peice for foxnews.com that reads…

Dan Brown is capable of passing fiction for fact because Christians don’t know their faith — what and why they believe. That’s not Mr. Brown’s fault.

I hope he doesn’t get in trouble for that. It seams that each time a catholic priest says the truth, and the Pope has said otherwise, someone gets in trouble.