Tivo installation update…

Tivo InstallationClick the photo for a close-up.

It’s installed. Holy cow, what a pain in the butt. Not because the Tivo was hard, that was easy. But, when you have a whole bunch of other crap that must jive together, you gotta “jerry-rig” a little.

I had to go with the WiFi network access in order for Tivo to communicate with Big Brother. Which meant I had to travel the stairs a million times in order to calibrate, recalibrate, and finally calibrate the WiFi network settings. Once I got the Tivo to see the home network, and connect, it was smooth sailing. Sort of.

Next I discovered that I didn’t have enough high quality cables in order to keep each video source accessible. So, I decided to get an A/V switcher. This basically allows me to plug up to 4 sources of A/V content into the device. Then only one set of A/V cables goes “out” of the switcher “in” to the television.

I have the DirecTV go into the Tivo, then that travels into the switcher for channel 1. The DVD player is channel 2. The Playstation 2 is channel 3. The VHS machine still runs direct into the TV. So everything but the VHS machine run into the extra “video” input on the TV. It works now. Tonight’s episode of ABC’s LOST will be the first show Tivo’ed at our house.

It has arrived….Tivo!

Today, our new Tivo arrived via FedEx. I can’t wait to get it up and running. I hear so many folks go on and on about how they love their Tivos.

I do have some work to do though. Apparently, when plugging the Tivo into a phone line, it doesn’t work with Vonage. Our phone service is Vonage, so I have to use the networking capability of the Tivo. Well, that sucks, mostly because my network is entirely wireless. I mean, there’s a hub, but it’s upstairs, tucked into an armoire. But the Tivo won’t be up there. It’ll be with the TV downstairs. Ahhhh!

So now I have to figure out how to get an ethernet plug on the Tivo, plugged into an ethernet plug 200 feet away! I guess I could just get that USB/WiFi dongle thingy. But that’s just more money. I hate Tivo.

I think I’ll just throw down and get the wireless thing. Oh well. I’ll let you know how I like it, when I get it working.

The iRiver arrived!

iRiver iFP-795I recently ordered an iRiver iFP-795 from overstock.com. I know, I’m a Apple guy. However, the iPod really doesn’t have recording capabilities and I have wanted that for quite some time. So, I waited until I found one for a good price. Overstock is a great place to find stuff on the cheap.

So, I ordered it and Brown delivered it today. I’ll be using it to record “on the go” stuff for my podcasts. I hope to use it soon. If I can sell my car soon, I’ll be getting a Vespa and I’d love to record a nice “sound-seeing tour” with it. We’ll see.

This thing is so small, and light. It runs on a single AA battery,Griffin Lapel Mic cool. The menu can be quite confusing, especially when considering the iPod’s menu. But, I had already found a nice set of instructions to help me turn it into the perfect mobile podcasting rig. A month or so ago I bought a Griffin LapelMic, and I’ll be using it to capture the audio. It even came with some nice little ear buds. In fact, there are several nice accessories that came with it. Apple could take some lessons here.

The Da Vinci Code…

You know, there are a lot of Christian leaders shouting, “Stay away from The Da Vinci Code!” Why? Are they afraid that their parishioners and congregants will learn false teachings? Are they afraid that their people will be lead away from the faith?

Any concern for their people should have manifested itself years ago, when they failed to lead them in genuine study of the Word of God. They failed to teach the truth yesterday, and now a wolf in sheep’s clothing is threatening them today. The “children of God” don’t know the difference between sheep and wolves. I propose that those children of God are not children of God.

We’re too busy having seminars and programs instead of teaching the Word of God. We don’t take the time to read our Bibles, instead we’re watching all kinds of TV and reading pulp-fiction.

Father Jonathan MorrisA catholic priest, father Jonathan Morris, wrote a great peice for foxnews.com that reads…

Dan Brown is capable of passing fiction for fact because Christians don’t know their faith — what and why they believe. That’s not Mr. Brown’s fault.

I hope he doesn’t get in trouble for that. It seams that each time a catholic priest says the truth, and the Pope has said otherwise, someone gets in trouble.

Finally, no more nights!

This morning I got off work, after having been on nights for 8 months. Working all night long sucks. We work 4 month rotations. Last rotation, I was expecting to go to day shift, and on the last night, my supervisor informed me that I was “being traded.” So what should have been 4 months turned into 8. That sucked.

So now, I’m working days. Yeah.

The Office rocks!

The Office is quite possibly one of my favorite television shows. When the TIVO gets here this week, every episode will be recorded for our future viewing pleasure, that and LOST.

Deanna likes Dwight K. Shrute. She laughs histerically during his rants and one-liners.

I am partial to Jim and all of his doings. Jim and Pam have a great comedy thing going. On this week’s episode, “Conflict Resolution”, I could not regain my composure while Michael was reading all of Dwight’s complaints about Jim. This laundry list of offenses should be entered into the Bible of pranks. Their address would be John 3:16, for they are fundamental to the Prank Lifestyle.

First complaint

I hate it when you visit a band’s website, and the music starts playing right away. That ticks me off. You know, some of us visit the internets whilst we’re at work. Thanks for giving me away!

For my music podcast, I visit hundreds of band websites. You know where I’m headed with this one. One day, I decided to play a song from each website I visited that didn’t force me to hear their stuff.


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