I like these technical challenges. They push me, and that’s good.

Here’s my submission for this week’s challenge. When certain colors are a focus, or called upon, I can’t help but have predetermined areas of focus or target. When is requested, I immediately figure out if I can swing a US Flag. It’s just me.


Also, I haven’t really learned all of Lightroom’s features, and am not sure if there is a more finite way to capture the histograms, with Luminosity and Red alone. Maybe someone can educate me on that.

Enjoy my submission.

And as instructed, I have included the histogram.



2017 PHOTOCHALLENGE, WEEK 5: Year of the Rooster

At the outset of this week, I was flabbergasted about where I might capture a nice photograph of a rooster.

But then I remembered this little known cultural fact in the small village of Arroyo Grande, just about 20 minutes north of me, where this flock of roosters, who’ve been a bit tamed, hang around a nice walking party with a decorative bridge.

I had my roosters!

I hope you enjoy my contribution!


2017 PHOTOCHALLENGE, WEEK 4: Rule of Thirds / Toys & Games

FujiFilm XT-1, 35mm, Lightroom, Aurora HDR, Luminar

Just as soon as Eric posted this week’s theme, I knew what I wanted to capture. Our normally boring Central Coast weather has been so dynamic and beautiful. I knew that the Guadalupe Veteran’s Memorial was going to be my subject. The potential skyline drama, the numerous headstones with history and pop, I knew I might create something nice.



FujiFilm XT-1, 35mm, processed with Lightroom, Aurora HDR, Noiseless, and Snapheel.


This week’s theme called for a self-portrait, without myself.So, the goal was to represent me in a way that did not include me. Right away I knew what I wanted to photograph. These pair of objects represent me well. I hope you enjoy them!


I needed to get out and do a little photowalk today. Good therapy. I wandered around the Santa Maria Valley Railway Historical Museum. It’s a small venue, with just one engine, car, and caboose. I took a few photos, thinking they’d be great for the geometry theme. Most of them would work just fine. But, across the street I saw this abandoned building and was enticed.

I really think the entire street-side wall is loaded with a variety of geometrical designs and even construction principles, it’s like the designer/contractor/architect didn’t follow one structural design rule on any one panel of this wall. I’ll toss in a couple other shots from the photowalk at the end of the post.

taken with iPhone 6+, 4.15mm, f/2.2, 1/647, ISO 32, processed with Snapseed

So, these two below were my faves from my short little photowalk this afternoon.

FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender


The moment I saw this week’s theme, I knew what I wanted to create. Some good friends of mine run a local tattoo shop, called Upper Room Tattoo Co. He did my wedding ring tattoo many years ago. I hope to have them memorialize my leukemia journey when the time is right. Plus, they’re truly wonderful people!

Anyways, I knew I wanted to sit down and brainstorm something creative with them. And the result of which, I couldn’t be more proud.

Tattoo Machine
Fujifilm XT-1, F/4, 1/28, ISO 800, Canon 70-210mm Macro f/4 @ 75mm

2015 CHALLENGE, WEEK 18: NUMBERS – 10 TO 100

I set out this week to photograph one of my Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm pistols. The photos look great! Literally  moments before I published this post, I realized that my 9mm did not fit between 10-100. I’m such a stickler for the guidelines, I’d have been embarrassed for sure.

So I reset and started wandering for another idea. I don’t remember where I got the inspiration for this shot, but I did grab the inspired image to guide me. I got to play with lighting, and my son held a shoot through for diffusion. This was the second shot, as the first one I forgot to tip my glasses and my lenses were lit up like headlights. I’m quite satisfied with the results! EXIF data is in the caption.

mission revealed | 34mm, f/2.6, 1/75, ISO 200
mission revealed | 34mm, f/2.6, 1/75, ISO 200

Self promotion: Need a 2015 Calendar?

So, a few months back, my co-authors at PhotoChallenge.org conceived an idea for how they and our numerous participants could help our family out, by purchasing a calendar of  PhotoChallenge.org submitted images. So we announced the idea, asking for submissions. The four of us authors voted on our faves, and 12 images were selected. Jeremy, one of my 3 co-authors, designed the calendar, and last week we announced the final product on our blog. The profits are coming to me, to help Deanna and I with finances, etc.

(If you didn’t know, I publish a themed photography challenge blog. I have 3 co-authors that also contribute.)

As of today, at 10 am, 51 calendars have sold. I figured that I’d promote it here, for any of my readers who might want to help us out in this special way, and also get a calendar out of it. I know a few people have bought more than one, to give away as gifts. That helps us even more. Don’t sweat it if you can’t.

We love you all for you continued prayerful support!


2014 Challenge, Week 14: RULE OF THIRDS + a little bit more…

My other blog, PhotoChallenge.org, has weekly themed photography challenges. Each week myself, or one of the other 3 contributors, writes a post. Last week’s was a landscape theme, with a focus on a vanishing road. This week’s is focusing on the technical tool of the rule of thirds.

I blended to two into one image!

Vanishing Road
Vanishing Road

2013 PhotoChallenge, Week 45: SYMMETRY

For those who don’t know, I contribute to a photography blog, called PhotoChallenge.org. We post themed challenges every week, with the hope of helping people become better photographers.

This past week the theme was SYMMETRY. When we were out for lunch, on my birthday, I knew that my daughter would pose for me, with a few additional items. The whole shot is not symmetrical, but the subjects are.

What do you think?

2013 PhotoChallenge, Week 45: SYMMETRY