Over the last year, God has been introducing me to potential callings to spend my time, on mission. I don’t want to take this lightly because I don’t have a good track record of follow through.

Earlier this year, around New Year’s Day, I committed myself to follow in the footsteps of Johnathan Edwards, who made a massive recommitment to the Lord each year. I decided on 4 resolutions.

#1 To seek the Lord’s direction in converting my doctrine into action.
#2 To attain two new personal skills.
#3 A return to my creative roots.
#4 To seek for increased follow through.

The others, I’ve addressed here and there, but not throughly. However #4, is what I’m focusing on right now. I’ve been seeking the Holy Spirit’s motivation, and praying the Lord will sustain me as I seek ways to have increased follow through. In the small things and in the big things. I’m learning to be more patient, and requires a patient follow through. I’m learning to undertake a task, and see it through to completion, must of that in the world of my retirement and worker’s compensation settlement. Of which both are emminant.

Another thing to consier is that man was meant for work. It was a mandate, before the fall into sin. So, retirement isn’t about rewarding myself, but to take my skillset and passions, and convert them into meanful results. I may take an unrelated job, but my calling, my mission must grow and develop. I now have the freedom I did not before.

So I set out in prayer. I’ve been researching, and delving into things I can do, even volunteer for, that tap into my existing passions and desires.

I came up with three categories.

  1. Sex trafficing.
    There are already people in my umbrella, and family, pursuing this kind of outreach. It makes sense to come along side them.
  2. Veteran’s assistance.
    Raise funds, help get the word out. Organize local groups, to bring the guys of Benghazi, Team Never Quit, and other legit speakers to support caring for our vets.
  3. Law Enforcement support.
    Blue Line support groups. PTSD support for cops. Raise funds, etc.

    So I decided to start listening to podcasts that focus on these issues. I’ve been researching the organizations to raise funds for, that actually get all the funds to those in need. And after much research, the single most personal and close to home, is outreach to the Law Enforcement Community. It’s the one I’m most passionate about, and care the deepest for their well being.

We are looked over quite often, and really have great needs.

The war on terror isn’t coming home, it’s here. And the greatest trained SOCOM soldiers cannot come home to fight it. Out great Constitution forbids it. It’s a wonderful principal that must be adheared to. However, over the years, I’ve seen a great disregard for our important perishable skills, by fellow law enforcement officers, and I can only conclude that they just gave up.

When I was diagnosed with Leukemia, I weighed 285 pounds. I had given up. I was a fat cop, looking forward to extra pay with some overtime. I was part of the problem. I had continued to pursue much higher levels of handgun tactics and shooting skill, but honestly I shot so well that I depended on that too much.

So I am accepting the call, to do whatever I can to contributing first to changing the hearts and minds of my fellow Law Enforcement Officers, that live the blue line; push the units, walk the beat, and walk the tier.

It’s going to be an uphill battle, but it can be done. My desire is to first tap the retired LEO community, then expand larger, to help support training that my brothers and sisters deperately need.

My first effort towards this was a legistlative proposal I made to my local CA Assemblymember, to have a law proposed that would require EVERY law forcement agency that mans a typical patrol opperations, to have every officer, deputy on patrol, or walk a beat with a partner, no staffing or administration over rides. This would require funds, and I believe that the new law should help offset those funds.

I’m a fiscal conservative, but the war on terror is here, and we must respond.

More to come…