Over the last year, God has been introducing me to potential callings to spend my time, on mission. I don’t want to take this lightly because I don’t have a good track record of follow through.

Earlier this year, around New Year’s Day, I committed myself to follow in the footsteps of Johnathan Edwards, who made a massive recommitment to the Lord each year. I decided on 4 resolutions.

#1 To seek the Lord’s direction in converting my doctrine into action.
#2 To attain two new personal skills.
#3 A return to my creative roots.
#4 To seek for increased follow through.

The others, I’ve addressed here and there, but not throughly. However #4, is what I’m focusing on right now. I’ve been seeking the Holy Spirit’s motivation, and praying the Lord will sustain me as I seek ways to have increased follow through. In the small things and in the big things. I’m learning to be more patient, and requires a patient follow through. I’m learning to undertake a task, and see it through to completion, must of that in the world of my retirement and worker’s compensation settlement. Of which both are emminant.

Another thing to consier is that man was meant for work. It was a mandate, before the fall into sin. So, retirement isn’t about rewarding myself, but to take my skillset and passions, and convert them into meanful results. I may take an unrelated job, but my calling, my mission must grow and develop. I now have the freedom I did not before.

So I set out in prayer. I’ve been researching, and delving into things I can do, even volunteer for, that tap into my existing passions and desires.

I came up with three categories.

  1. Sex trafficing.
    There are already people in my umbrella, and family, pursuing this kind of outreach. It makes sense to come along side them.
  2. Veteran’s assistance.
    Raise funds, help get the word out. Organize local groups, to bring the guys of Benghazi, Team Never Quit, and other legit speakers to support caring for our vets.
  3. Law Enforcement support.
    Blue Line support groups. PTSD support for cops. Raise funds, etc.

    So I decided to start listening to podcasts that focus on these issues. I’ve been researching the organizations to raise funds for, that actually get all the funds to those in need. And after much research, the single most personal and close to home, is outreach to the Law Enforcement Community. It’s the one I’m most passionate about, and care the deepest for their well being.

We are looked over quite often, and really have great needs.

The war on terror isn’t coming home, it’s here. And the greatest trained SOCOM soldiers cannot come home to fight it. Out great Constitution forbids it. It’s a wonderful principal that must be adheared to. However, over the years, I’ve seen a great disregard for our important perishable skills, by fellow law enforcement officers, and I can only conclude that they just gave up.

When I was diagnosed with Leukemia, I weighed 285 pounds. I had given up. I was a fat cop, looking forward to extra pay with some overtime. I was part of the problem. I had continued to pursue much higher levels of handgun tactics and shooting skill, but honestly I shot so well that I depended on that too much.

So I am accepting the call, to do whatever I can to contributing first to changing the hearts and minds of my fellow Law Enforcement Officers, that live the blue line; push the units, walk the beat, and walk the tier.

It’s going to be an uphill battle, but it can be done. My desire is to first tap the retired LEO community, then expand larger, to help support training that my brothers and sisters deperately need.

My first effort towards this was a legistlative proposal I made to my local CA Assemblymember, to have a law proposed that would require EVERY law forcement agency that mans a typical patrol opperations, to have every officer, deputy on patrol, or walk a beat with a partner, no staffing or administration over rides. This would require funds, and I believe that the new law should help offset those funds.

I’m a fiscal conservative, but the war on terror is here, and we must respond.

More to come…



Hope for the future

As the GOP race continues, I’m still holding out hope that Trump will not acquire any of the other candidate’s supporters. And that gives me hope that either Marco or Ted will end up being the nominee. 

Here’s what I hope to unravel as we move forward.  

Filibuster of any nominee by King Barry for SCOTUS. 


Ted Elected, fills cabinet with Marco, Carly, Ben, and others. 

Nominates Judge Ken Starr to SCOTUS. 

Does what he says he will. Obamacare gone. Reapproach war on ISIS. Sends more to Guantanamo Bay. Shreds Cuba and Iran deals. 

Signs into law National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

Signs into law National Hearing Protection Act, removing suppressors from the NFA. 

Signs into law a new law clarifying that semi-automatics AND Modern Sporting Rifles are permitted and justified. He could get magazine limits removed as well. 

Prosecute Hillary Clinton, then pardon her so she can go away. 

Prosecute all involved in “Fast and Furious”, including the ATF agents. While he’s at it cut funding, scope, and mission of ATF. 

Have lunch with BB, in Jerusalem on Feb 1st, 2017. 


Shall not be infringed 

I am so sick of these pandering liberals who think it’s completely acceptable to violate our civil rights! People, our right to own modern firearms is as fundamental as any other inalienable right. Your right to pick any church or no church. Your right to unlawful search and seizure. Your right to not be persecuted because of your race. 

These are fundamental rights NOT granted to us by our government. They are inalienable rights, recognized by our founding fathers and codified in our founding documents. 

What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” is too hard for even the uneducated to understand? It’s written in the most basic English. 

It’s time for the alleged 5,000,000 members of the NRA to quit being quiet and inform their friends and family. It’s high time for peaceful protest, especially in states a lover of freedom might consider “behind enemy lines”, like New Jersey, Kalifornia, Illinois, and plenty of others. 

Every gun owner should join the NRA, Gun Owners of America, Firearms Policy Coalition, and the Second Amendment Foundation
Right now we have the 9th circuit, 3 judge, federal court decision, Peruta, that basically turns Kalifornia into a “shall issue” state, of CCWs. However, the whole 9th circuit decided to take up the case. So arguments happened earlier this year, and we’re waiting for their decision. If they change their opinion, this may end up with the Supremes, and I have good faith that the current pro-2nd Amendment court will rule in accordance with the Constitution. 

Ok, more another time. I’ve been going long. 

Oh, one more thing. Pay attention to a current piece of legislation, HR 3799 – Hearing Protection Act of 2015. This will finally remove suppressors from theNational Firearms Act. Seeing as the misplaced fear of deadly assassins is solely a Hollywood construct, it needs  to be understood by Americans that we have the right to protect our hearing when legally using our firearms. FYI, the Anglish can walk down to a gun store and by them off the shelf, or just make their own, completely legal. Why, no Hollywood assassin bias. 

Bamboo Gardening

I know many of you detest bamboo. I forgive you. I have a special place in my heart for it! It’s smells great, brings the best green colors to a California Central Coast sand garden, and can really make the windy areas more palatable. (And it also makes for a possible alternate resource in a wide variety of situations, oft referred to as SHTF scenarios.)

A lot of the time detesting the bamboo has stemmed from not understanding how to grow and cultivate it. I’m not super interested in reeducating, to be fair. I’d prefer to just give it a gentle try, and let the results speak for themselves. I’d prefer to trial and error, and share all the results. 

Bamboo is just grass. Some of it is invasive, and spreads like weeds. Tends to be less desirable. You have to protect from it, wall off, raised bed, etc.

In spite of the fact that I’m misrepresenting the facts, there are basically two kinds of bamboo; fast growing (you must control and be prepared to deal with), aka spreading.

Second is the slower growing, oft more decorative and uniform to enjoy. I think cultivation is more of this gardening.

Horrible descriptions, I know. 

One thing I love about the series of tubes we call the internets, is how much I can share, be wrong, yet still learn something, and grow nice bamboo! And Pinterest can get all the glory it deserves and doesn’t!

Death Valley Phototrip plans…

Hey all, I’m heading to Death Valley next week. This is the trip I blogged briefly about here. The trip is still on!

Since I’ve been fasting from social media for the month of March, it’s made it difficult for me to plan and recruit more to come with us. My mistake. From the beginning I had decided that I’d head out, even if no one came. But it looks like at least a few of you will be coming too.

So, I’m bringing my two oldest kids, and my parents. I’m gonna be staying at Panamint Springs. That’s on the western border of the park. But, it’s not too far for us to drive into the main part of the park each day. From what I can tell, it’s about a 45 minute drive all the way to Furnace Creek. Not bad. Not great, but not bad.

We’re arriving on the 7th of April, and heading home on the 10th.

Last time I made this trip, our plans as a group, weren’t in stone. We had decided when and where we’d meet, and then headed out from there. We had loose goals, and tried to hit a few spots we wanted to photograph.

This time, I’d like to follow the same model. My only spot that I don’t want to pass on is the Racetrack Playa. Last time I was driving a Scion. This time, I finally have a 4×4. You don’t need 4×4 to drive out to the Racetrack, but you do need clearance. If that’s an issue for you, I’m sure we’ll have space to “carpool”.

On the 7th, I’d suggest we just all drive in and get settled. To add a get-together will probably be one too many things. I’d like to suggest that we drive a dirt road loop on the first day, the 8th. There is almost zero mobile phone service in DV, but there is WiFi at many locations. I will drag along my smartphone and a little laptop, for checking my email when we find WiFi. At the bottom of this email I’ll include all my contact info.


Arrive and get settled at your campground or hotel.


Meet at 8am, at the Stovepipe Wells General Store and Gas Station.

This loop will be a 100 mile, dirt road. 4×4 is not required, but recommended. (Actually, the main road for this loop is a hwy and flat dirt road. Clearance will be a benefit, however.) Our group is small enough, that we should be able to “carpool” if necessary.

Here’s a map of the planned route.


Racetrack Playa!

Meet at 8am, at the same spot as yesterday, the Stovepipe Wells General Store and Gas Station.

Gas up for this trip! We have 75 miles in, and 75 miles out.

4×4 is not required, just clearance, for this trip.

Here’s the map for the planned route. (This is the first half. Turn around, and trace it back when we’re done.)


Meet at 8:30am, at the store behind Old Dinah, in Furnace Creek.

We’ll head south on Badwater Rd, from Furnace Creek.

Badwater is 282 feet, below sea level. It’s the lowest point in North America.

It’s also the location of some sweet photo ops of a large salt basin.

Here’s the map for the planned route.

Of course sunset and sunrise photos are a must, in Death Valley. I’m going to leave that up to you to decide when and where you want to shoot those. The reality is that you’ll want to shoot them closer to your hotel or campground. At some point, I want to head out in the evening, after sunset. I think I’ll just plan for that once we’re there.

I’m excited about this trip. We’re gonna have some great fun and get some great photographs! Take a look at my photoset from my last trip to Death Valley.

See you all next week!


Wanna help me make the best trip to SF?

Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk, Dedicated to My Good Friend Robert ScoblePalace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California

I’m organizing a trip to San Francisco in the coming months. The wife and I are going to take the Amtrak train up to Emeryville and spend about a week in the City. Wanna help us visit all the right places? First, you could just comment on this post, and even include links to your recommendations. Or, you could reply to this Tweet or Buzz.

My hope is to have too many recommended spots. Can you do it?

When I’ve gathered together enough input, I’ll put all your recommended spots onto a custom Google Map. I’ll even open up that map, so you can add more spots.

San Francisco from a Cessna.  522-18  6-12-94

Where did I get this idea? Robert Scoble. From one nerd to another, thanks!

Finally, California politics are going to get good!

Today, Margaret Cushing “Meg” Whitman, announced her candidacy for governor of California.

I’ve been looking forward to this for almost a year. I can’t remember where, but early in 2008, I remember reading/hearing someone mention that she’d make a great conservative candidate for California’s governor. Being a native Californian, I’m excited for the chance to return California to the right side of things.

Meg is a Princeton and Harvard grad. She’s a genuine business person, having risen through the ranks of many great American companies; Hasbro, Stride Rite, Walt Disney Company, and Procter & Gamble. Her greatest contribution to the American economy was the 10 years she led eBay. Yeah, you read that right. One of the Republican candidates for governor of California is not only NOT a politician, not only a woman, but she also lead an awesome tech company. That just makes me all happy inside.

If you want more about her background, go read her Wikipedia page. Then, go check our the just announced,

Don’t know Meg Whitman? Let her introduce herself!

Here’s a few other announcements of her candidacy: