What now?


St Martin’s Cross in front of Iona Abbey has stood for 1454 years. It’s the longest standing cross, unmoved, known to Christendom.

You know, the days and weeks after Easter the Church shrinks back into the same thing we were before this great celebration. The decorations come down, and the emphasis on Christ deflates.

I say, this is the most pivotal part of the Church’s opportunity for ministry and outreach. Don’t wait for the Christmas season to heighten the awareness again. Keep it going now!

Christ’s death, resurrection, and ascension are so pivotal to our lives EVERY day, that it’s application and realization…being the Gospel…will continue to grow us and comfort us through everything.

I reference the longest standing cross, in my accompanying image. That is a mere scratch on the timeline of Jesus Christ’s rule as our King.



Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.