So much walking…

Now that you’re all caught up on my situation. No wheels, basically a retired guy trying to be more practical, get into better shape, (FYI, I’m at my Junior High School weight), and use my funds more wisely…I’ve got a whole new world to explore.

So right off the bat, I started riding the bus, around here we call it SMAT, which is short for Santa Maria Area Transit. Our local bus system rocks! It’s tied into the transit part of Google Maps, so I simply turn on the “Transit” option on Google Maps, and presto, the schedule is right there. How far I need to walk, alternate routes, it’s all there. Very convenient! So for the last week or so, I’ve been taking the bus everywhere. I meet new people, 99% of the bus drivers are helpful and explain everything I need to know. And it’s dirt cheap!

Then, when I’m in a bind, or it’s later in the day, I use Uber. Came highly recommended, and it’s also quite affordable. And for the next couple of weeks, as my claim slowly passes through my auto insurance, they’re covering what I’ve spent on Uber accept for a couple of long trips I’ve taken that goes over their daily limit.

Overall, I’ve met new people, walked a ton just to get from station to station…kinda on purpose, and found some of the best new places to eat around our cool little country/Mexican Central Coast Valley. With all the walking, I’m stoked that the Apple Health app has the steps recording feature. Because when I set out, I’m not thinking…Strava. So, what follows is a handful of highlighted days where my combined steps was kinda awesome for a guy in my lack of good leg fitness.


Not bad, if I don’t say so myself.


Author: TREVOR

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