It has been entirely too long…

Friends, as I was poking around my blog, I realized that the last real update to my Leukemia Journey was April of 2016. Wow, it’s already the 10th of January in 2017. I should be ashamed. So many wonderful people have been keeping up on me, yet are only getting little updates on Facebook. It’s time for an update.

2016, medically wasn’t so bad. I really did not have any setbacks until the end of the year. The week before Christmas my liver and bilirubin levels began to climb. Eventually, they peaked too high, and my Nurse Practitioner at UCLA contacted me and informed me that I would need to come down for an admittance. So the evening before Christmas Eve I packed up and headed southbound. Early in the morning on Christmas Eve, I rolled into UCLA and was in a bed up on my old floor, 6 East, at about dinner.

I ended up being there for a week. Released on New Year’s Eve, I was able to head back to Camarillo and crash at my parents’ place for an extra night.

With some additional personal life issues, it ended up being an odd blessing that I was distracted from what could have been a more depressing time for me. The loss of my dear Aunt Jan, which I have already blogged about a few posts back, and the changes to my immediate family situation really could have been a worse time for me. Yet the Lord in all His sovereignty and wisdom saw fit to comfort me and show me how to rejoice in His glory at the time we celebrate His birth, His coming into our world…Emmanuel, God with us.

For that, I am quite grateful. Thank you Lord.

The medical jargon is basically that my continued struggle with Graft Versus Host Disease (aka GVHD) had flared it’s ugly head, and sent me back into the hospital, so they could pump me up with more meds, and get it under control. While my steroid induced diabetes had almost abated entirely, and I was on the cusp of going off steroids entirely, I’m back on high dose prednisone again, ravaging like Hulk Smash inside, with a devouring appetite again. So I’m back to constant diabetic maintenance and injections and watching my diet more closely. If that’s the worst of it, I’m still doing just fine.

Today I feel real good, physically and medically. I was able to remain active in the hospital, and I’m keeping my activity level up now that I’m back home on the Central Coast. Every few days, I sleep a bit extra, to help replenish. I’m back to walking shorter walks, but it’s not as hard to keep motivated as it was during the year last year. I will admit, one of my struggles during 2016 was maintaining the motivation to get up off my butt and get healthy again. In fact, that very well may be the single worst issue I did not deal with well, during that whole year.

To bring this to a close, I feel great! I’m excited about what 2017 has to offer, and look forward to what the Lord has in store for me and mine.

Love to y’all!


Author: TREVOR

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