She is with our Lord in glory…

This past week has been somewhat of a roller coaster for the greater Carpenter family. 

My father’s younger and only sister went home to be with our Lord, on Christmas Eve. 

Her health had been sketchy for a bit, recently diagnosed with CHF, after a lifetime battling diabetes. Earlier in the week, she had some kidney and liver issues, and was admitted to the hospital. Ultimately she succumbed to these increasingly devastating ailments. 

Let me tell you about my Aunt Jan. She was one of the most loving, respectful, and a truly classy woman. She had a forgiving heart, and was known for her positive spin on many things. Most who knew her saw her as a sweet and kind woman. 

In recent years she and I had our simultaneous medical struggles, albeit quite different. She was a comfort to me, as I dealt with my issues, as I pray I was for her. 

She and I also share some life experiences that even in such a large family, few of us have had to deal with. Many times over the last year she was of great counsel and comfort to me as I’ve waded through my own life change. Having walked that road, and emerged the other side, she was a constant companion to me. I will forever cherish her wisdom and guidance she has offered me in the recent months. 

Of course we mourn our loss. My children will always remember their Aunt Jan. As a Mamaw, she’ll be remembered as well. Yet I am sad for those of our family’s future who will never know their Mamaw. I pray that her legacy will still be cherished so that her spirit will be passed on. 

Know this, as a follower of Jesus Christ, I can testify firsthand that Jan Bogner was a redeemed and saved woman who is right now in a perfefected body, free from pain. As she slipped from our world, she fell into the healing and loving arms of our Savior, welcomed home. 

These words are such a small token of my great love for my Aunt Jan. Yet, we will meet again. 


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.

3 thoughts on “She is with our Lord in glory…”

  1. That was a Nice tribute. You have an amazing family and I have no doubt they felt blessed to have you in their lives. Jan was always a source of happiness and cheer. She will deeply be missed.
    I hope this message finds you well Trevor, you too are a good person and have fought so hard to get thru this battle. You are a strong man and I have faith you can win your current battle too. Take care my friend.


  2. Dearest Carpenter Family,
    What a beautiful, blessed tribute to your Aunt Jan and your family. We continue to hold each of you in our hearts and daily prayers. Aunt Jan can watch over you and ask Jesus for his healing powers for you. God bless you.


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