Celebration of Life – 2016

Yesterday was the annual Celebration of Life, for the Hematology Oncology peeps, at UCLA. The medical and support staff, patients, survivors, and families are all invited. 

This was my 3rd year in attendance. 

I was honored to sit next to a gentleman who had his bone marrow transplant around the time I was born!

As is the general program, a variety of speakers step up and share their story. Most are survivors, some are family of those who have passed, and a few are from the staff. I was honored to speak the first time I attended this event.

Afterward, we have a small reception where we get to mingle with everyone. THIS is my favorite part. I get to visit with a few former neighbors from my time at UCLA, whether they were fellow patients or family of patients. And I also get to see many of the staff who cared for me during my several stays up on “6 East”. I love to see them again!

Yesterday was a particularly, most impactful day for me. In the midst of much life change, I was encouraged and uplifted by so many of my former nurses and administrators. Several brought me to tears and even touched my heart with their words and affection. 

Today, after having slept on it and reflecting this morning, I was unbelievably renewed by yesterday’s event. What a day to rejoice! God is good, and seeks for my wellbeing!

He “wrote the book” on blood cancer.

Author: TREVOR

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