First Leukemia Update of 2016

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated everyone. Sorry.

Right up front I want to help clarify. I am cancer free. I have been since my bone marrow transplant, back on July 4th, 2014. Several folks have asked, being unsure of my status. Since then, my setbacks and even the rehospitalization were all a part of my recovery, but no new cancer. The post transplant recovery is simply longer than most realize.

My physical recovery has been progressing, albeit slowly. I’m more active than I used to be. Just a few days ago, I got hankering to make a couple hiking sticks. So after dropping Deanna and the boys off at school, I shot up to Tepusquet Canyon looking for a downed pine tree. Found one with skidmarks leading to it. Bummer, hope they’re ok. Some locals had already harvested the logs, but they had left all the branches. I set out to select a few good branches. Both were much longer than I, in fact the really good one was about the length of my Honda van. I drove them home with almost 6 feet of it sticking out the front passenger window.

Anyway, that’s just an example of me trying to get out and do more by starting small projects. I’ll get some photos when I start chopping them down.

I’ve organized a short trip with Tom and Eli, and a friend from Camarillo to head up to the lower Kern River for some fly fishing, in early April. We’ll be dry camping with his travel trailer. Not bad! I’m hoping to have at least one walking stick done by then, to help me navigate the sides of he river.

I had to take an honest look at my ability to get back out on my road bike, and concluded that it’s going to be too long before I’m comfortable again. So I’m selling my road bike to get an Electra city bike.

Overall, I’m slowly getting stronger. Deanna and I did a 4 week semi-prescribed diabetic friendly diet. It helped us learn more about portion control and how much refined sugars and carbs we don’t need. I tried to cheat the other day with a donut, and about a third into it I was repulsed and starting to feel ill. (I think there will always be love for an original Krispy Kreme and a tigertail from Donut Man.)

Emotionally and spiritually it’s a different story.

We recently started attending what’s called a Redemption Group. It’s really been a great process that I can see the Lord using to continue to sanctify me. He’s already been revealing new and hard things for me to work and contemplate upon. It’s weird, my private time with God is much richer now…now that He’s wrecking me afresh. He and I have much work to do. I used to hate journaling. Not anymore. That’s been a good thing for me. It’s hard and difficult, but that’s why I like it.

In a couple of days I take the train down to Camarillo and mom and I will hit the clinic for a regular check up.

That’s pretty much it. You’re caught up.


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.

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  1. So grateful you are emerging on the other side of this challenge. I know how much you blessed my life, even though we’ve never really met. God’s plans for you must be special indeed.


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