A little shy

La Señora

I approached this woman, who was not homeless, but spends the bulk of her days sitting in front of this market selling a few different prepackaged produce items from her Igloo. I asked her if she would allow me to take her photograph. She was shy about it, clearly. It wasn’t as much pride as she wasn’t sure why I’d want her photo. I explained that I’m wandering around downtown Santa Maria taking documentary photographs, just trying to capture the real Santa Maria. I told her I’ve done it in Santa Barbara, Old Orcutt, San Luis Obispo, and even in Los Angeles. She replied, “Andale pues.” Which means, “Go on.” or “Get on with it.”

So I took a series of 3, bracketed shots. Then framed up a second set. Well, I think her shyness came over her, and she hit behind her newspaper. Not sure which I prefer. The second one, below, is actually a little cuter.

I ended up shooting a series of street photographs, in color and black and white, up and down Main Street in Santa Maria. They’re in a slideshow below the alternate of La Señora.


Slideshow of the Street Photography series:

Street Photography//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


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