Hillary’s America

I have discovered, there are two kinds of democrats. Historical Democrats and Modern Progressive Democrats.

Historical Democrats are the Blue Dog Democrats, longtime union supporting Democrats, and older Democrats who have sometimes voted Republican, but oft remain committed to their party in spite of the devolution of their party into what they have become. I know and love people like this.

Modern Progressive Democrats are really two sorts of people. Those who have learned the wrong definition of what a conservative REALLY is and have decided that a socially oriented policy is what motivates their worldview, which I cannot fault. However, this comes at a cost of their failure to understand the consequences of their allegiance and understanding of economics. They’re willing to forego some inalienable rights, in exchange for what is really just Christian charity and outreach. On this account, I actually blame the real Christian Church for failing to be THE Church, that makes the rest feel like the government should take care of people that Jesus called the Church to take care of.

The other kind of Modern Progressive Democrats are true radicals who desire the kind of change to America, making us more like Europe. Of that worldview, I completely reject as morally wrong and ignorant. These are found in Barry Sanders’ camp today.

On social media, I often push memes and articles that are strongly conservative, sometimes offensive, and always what I believe deeply. Presidential and national elections take the volume up to eleven. I can tell that’s a time where I’m hidden more, and then people come back. I’m sure they get sick of my rhetoric. That bums me out a little. But, more often than not, I’m trying to come alongside those who are discouraged by the discourse, and remind them that they are not alone. Transforming view points doesn’t come from reading a Facebook post, and I know this. It only comes from real life exchange that doesn’t happen nearly enough. In my family, historically we avoid deep discussions of faith and politics. Not at the single generation level. My sister and I have good discussions on these issues, as do I with my parents, cousins, etc. But beyond that, it can often be forbidden to discuss.

However, this blog post is meant to be seen. It’s meant to be shared. It’s meant to break the boundary of hiding Trevor because you’re sick of his volume or viewpoint. This goes beyond my single issue voter stance of Liberty for all, found in the Pro-Life and 2nd Amendment.

So I ask all of my friends, which I rarely do, to share this blog post on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media you use. Below is a preview to Dinesh D’Souza’s upcoming film, Hillary’s America. I believe that it, along with the 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, must be seen by every voting American. I will buy 13 Hours and this film by D’Souza, and offer to show it to anyone who cannot afford to see them. And I will share them however I can, legally.

American was founded on principles, codified in stone-like documents, recognizing our God-given inalienable rights that are not to be molded and mushed up like clay. They are not to be messed with by “Change you believe in” or desires to turn this great nation into some other nation. We are a beacon of light to the world because we have NOT ebbed and flowed our nations founding ideals, but only applied them as they were meant, as we grew in wisdom in understanding them. Slavery was eradicated because we applied original intent as our electorate began to understand better, original intent. Women and all races eventually acquired suffrage as we began to better understand the original intent of those founding documents. We didn’t need to change them, only clarify them, to open up the rights that already existed.


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.