Merry Christmas

Today marks the day the majority of Christians celebrate the coming of the promised Savior, prophesied about throughout the Old Testament. There’s the prophecies in Isaiah. There’s the promise even as far back in Genesis. Throughout even the Jewish festivals, they point towards the coming Messiah. A seder is almost a bullet point sermon series demonstrating how Christ is our Messiah and fulfills the prophecies of the Old Testament!

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I tend to try to educate and teach something new with posts like this. But this morning, I’m looking forward to the awesome Christmas morning breakfast Deanna is making.

I’ll leave you with this message from our local church’s Advent study guide:

“We are hoping and praying that Jesus, the birth of the Christ child, God stepping into flesh, and our hearts’ full understanding of that event would make Christmas more real to you today than it ever has been. It’s all about Jesus. We invite you to journey with us.”



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