Leukemia and disability journey…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve checked in with my leukemia journey. In fact, it was this past August when I last updated y’all. Sorry.

I really only just got over the GVHD I got back in the late summer. It took it’s toll on me for quite a while. I’ve gotten a little weaker, and just recently started needing a reevaluation of my mental health meds. But as always, I have a good team who thinks outside the box. Since August I’ve been back on prednisone, which sucks bad. This week I’ve switched to hydrocortisone, which will still do the good stuff that prednisone did, but help with some of the side effects. A few other gentle fluctuations in dosages, and I think the next few weeks will show some nice improvement.

This whole thing has been very tough on Deanna and the kids. I’m not so nice. I have several real helps to keep me accountable, and I’ve found a really helpful men’s cancer group at the Mission Hope Cancer Center. I love going to those meetings. The host suffered through the same AML I had, and decided to become a cancer RN. HE GETS ME!

That sorta catches y’all up with my medical process. I had a clinic visit yesterday, and I’ve moved to every 3 weeks for visits. That’s always a nice improvement for me!

Now for the disability update. I haven’t shared as much about this throughout the past 2.5 year journey. But I’ve mentioned that we’re on disability, and we quickly dropped to an income through the state LEO association’s disability insurance plan. I’ve paid into it throughout my career, and it’s much better than state disability. The gist is that we went from comfort to trimming the fat almost every month. Many of my wise friends and family told me to get rid of my flashy 4×4 truck, and I hesitated for a long time. The Lord worked on my heart and I eventually succumbed with joy. I’m glad that my loved ones let the Lord change my heart on this one. We’d have saved a lot more money, sooner, but I may have held a negative attitude about it. I think it worked out in God’s timing.

The biggest reason I’ve been vague with this part of the journey is because it’s a legal process and I did not want to mess anything up, as it relates to my worker’s compensation (4850) case, or my eventual medical retirement. Even still, I won’t release a lot of the details. You should know that the ball is now rolling after having had my medical evaluation by the county’s selected physician. Times are ticking, and we no longer have to “wait for so and so to do something”. In the early months of 2016, we will finalize several things that will allow me to get off disability and prepare for the longtime future.

Feel free to ask questions in person and private, and if I can answer them, I will.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, and my faith that God has used so many of you to bless our family, I say thank you.


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