There comes a time in a family’s life where we’re faced with upsetting decisions. Not like my leukemia journey, but decisions that we control. During Thanksgiving week, we were faced with one.

As you may know, a couple of months ago, Gunner took Samuel and Elijah’s roughhousing as a fight, and attacked Samuel. He bit him, and Sam ended up needing stitches. We were very upset, I even recall at least thinking, I will kill this dog. I may have yelled it.

Well, on Thanksgiving morning, we were at my parents’ home, preparing for the afternoon’s festivities. My sister and family live on the same property as my parents, and many more family and friends were trickling in, for our standard large Thanksgiving dinner. The kids were playing outside, and unprovoked, Gunner attempted to herd my niece, who is smaller and younger than Sam. He bit and scratched her up pretty bad. Praise God she didn’t need stitches, but the wounds were there, and the trauma was inflicted. This is a big deal. Deanna and I were so upset. Of course her parents were upset too.

It took Deanna less time to resolve what the solution should be. Seeing as Gunner was a gift during my recovery, and he’s one of the breeds I’ve loved and wanted my whole life…and that I really love him, it took me longer. My mind knew where we had arrived. But my heart wept the whole drive home from my parents the next day. For the next few days, I even avoided Gunner because each time I even saw him, I began to cry.

But we’ve had to decide to return him to my cousin, so that she can find him a home that will more conducive to Gunner’s needs. It’s been a hard decision for us. The older kids are sad as are Deanna and I. We know what must be done. So this weekend, we’re making the trek to NorCal, for the handoff. I don’t doubt it will be a difficult trip for us.


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.