CCW trends

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There’s finally some creativity coming out with optional ways to carry concealed, aka CCW. 

UnderTech UnderCover Men’s Concealment Shorts Single Pair -$50 a pair  (they have a variety of colors styles and package deals.)

Here’s a newer method that is deep cover, and most likely avoids  printing well. But pressed up against my skin, I foresee there being a big comfort learning curve.

In all honestly, these deep concealment options are perfect for very unique situations, and it would behoove anyone carrying like this to practice drawing from full dressed conditions, before they build up the muscle memory to have it flow safely.

SmartCarry Single pocket concealed carry holster – $58.98

Another deep concealment holster I highly recommend is one I own and have used for many years. Made by SmartCarry. Low profile Velcro attaching belt with a pouch in front. Kinda like a thin fanny pack that goes between you pants and underwear. My model carried my LCP + extra mag. And it still fits my M&P Shield with extra mag. It seems a little high-priced for a cloth holster, but these are handmade in Florida, USA. 

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 IWB Holster -$35.88

Then there’s my primary CCW carry holster, an Alien Gear 2.0. Tuckable, completely under pants and shirts. It shines when you IWB carry and tuck in you outer shirt. Virtually no print and one step to draw.

They also carry clean and simple OWB holsters as well.

I love the comfortable neoprene-like material against my skin, and it breathes well.  

El Paso Saddlery “EZ Carry” Holster – $55.00

I want to include a holster that should be a staple with all CCWers. A typical leather IWB with metal clip. This is a great choice for rapid departure from your home, if by chance you actually weren’t carrying inside (foolish).

They all make them. With leather, I tend to be willing to spend more for the longevity. I migrate to El Paso Saddlery for all of these. I have two OWB holsters for my duty carry from them, and they are fantastic!

With CCW it’s all about being ready but unknown. Don’t talk about that you carry. Don’t show people what you’re carrying or where. I’ve done this, but in semi-training environments with compadres who also CCW and or are seriously considering it.
Of course there a plethora of methods for carrying a handgun in a concealed manner. I’m a holster hog, so I expect to acquire many more holsters for alternate methods of dress and carrying locations. But above all, I stick with my fat tire location. Just behind my hip.  With my somewhat pear shape, on the hip at 3 o’clock, my profile shows the gun, aka it “prints”. In front of the hip is called appendix carry and I think it’s very dangerous. A misfire can result in a blown femoral artery. Not a risk I want. Behind the hip, between 3:30 and 4 o’clock positions allows me NOT to print, and it’s not too far back to bother when I’m driving. And I’ve practiced in my professional environment drawing from that position and successfully engaging targets.

At a future date I hope to expand on holsters for CCW and even open carry. I’m no expert, I just have my decade plus of working in an environment where I open carried in uniform, CCW’ed a backup, and CCW’ed off duty. I’ve made some bad purchases, and learned from trying to be too frugal and too fancy.

Please jump into the comments with your questions and comments. Disagree with me on something, go for it and explain to us why. I don’t seek conflict, I seek communication  and healthy discourse.


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