Are you prepared?

As y’all know, I’m a firearms enthusiast. What you might not know is that I’m also a fan of being prepared. Something about my time in the Boy Scouts did this to me. I’m no crazy prepper, by any means. However, I am open to the notions of being prepared for disasters, power outages, earthquakes, etc. Katrina happened. Tsunamis have wiped out portions of normal society for periods of time. These are real life examples.

Will society completely dissolve and throw us back to homesteading and trading at the local farmer’s market. No, I do not think so. Do borders and governments change, yes. I’m rambling a bit, probably the lasting effects of the chemo brain, or whatever.

However, consider that some of the principles of homesteading, urban farming, etc. are of great value, whether or not society falls apart. What happens if you learn a little about taking care of your family better with homegrown food, but nothing goes wrong? You eat better! And you learn a new skill in the process. Trust me, if we’re out of touch with the greater society for more than a few months, you are not going to just learn over night to plant sustaining crops to live on. Start learning now.

Preparation isn’t just about food either. There are actual principles to be learned. Self-defense can’t be acquired over night either. You should already be acquiring the basic survival firearms. A pistol, a shotgun, a modern sporting rifle, and a “deer” rifle. These are all very personal and private decisions. No matter the path of buying these guns you choose, do it legally. I live in Kalifornia, what I consider behind enemy lines. Yet, I can and do possess all of these weapons. We have crazy waiting periods, and limits on how many rounds our magazines can have, but you have to work with what you got. I have do have some recommendations, however. Let go of your past ideas, to be best prepared. I’ve chosen calibers that I believe are more common and even likely to be “battlefield pickups”.

  • Handgun (9mm)
    • I recommend a striker-fired modern polymer-based handgun…
      • Glock, Smith&Wesson M&P, etc.
  • Shotgun (12 gauge)
    • A pump gun will be most affordable.
      • Remington 870 or Mossberg 500
  • MSR (.223/5.56)
    • This is often referred to as an AR-15.
      • Some of the most affordable rifles are made by Smith&Wesson, labeled M&P-15. Just get one assembled, in case your state has limits.
  • Deer Rifle (.308 or .30-06)
    • Hit a store like Big-5, Wal-Mart, etc, and get a basic all-in-one set up.
      • I picked up a Savage .30-06, with an included entry level scope. It shoots well, and I’m confident with it out to 300 yards. It was an affordable rifle from Big-5.

This is a large topic to cover. I really just want to get you interested in the notion of being prepared. When you hit the grocery store, grab an extra can of soup or something else that you normally get, even if it has a shelf life. Get in the habit of having more than just what you need this week, and start rotating the older to the front, etc. This can be done slowly and only gently effect your budget. As you build your basic collection of firearms, GET TRAINING! Your local gun store is the best place to start asking about local classes.

I really am not qualified to instruct on these subjects. But I can point you to a couple resources that have fed my mind quite well.

I have a follow up article I’m preparing, that I believe will pair well.


Author: TREVOR

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