Apple Music renewal shutdown

This might seem like an odd thing for me to blog about on Independence Day, but I’ve been mulling over it for a few days.

Many Apple fans and iOS users are the sort that just jump in with new stuff. This isn’t for them. This is for folks more like me, who can be hesitant to try out the newfangled ideas. When it came to streaming music, I played with Pandora a few years ago, but it wasn’t feasible on a mobile device because of all the bandwidth. Then I simply made sure I had a 128gb iPhone, and took along my music. But when I upgraded to an iPhone 6+, we couldn’t afford the large storage capacity, so I was stuck with a small 16gb. That forced me to start looking at streaming again. I really found that Rdio was my fave. So I stuck with that for the last year or so. Their free service was good enough for me. I liked how they made my “stations”, and as I fine-tuned each, they were sounding just right.

Then, of course, Apple decided to take their streaming more seriously. So, I considered it. But the 3 month evaluation, with the auto charging of the monthly fee after, was a serious turnoff.

I stumbled upon an article that walked you deep into the menu system of Apple Music, allowing you to turn off the auto renewal. I even shared the article on FB. But, it’s a poorly written article. So, here’s mine with screen shots.

Click on the profile icon in the upper left corner.
Click to View Apple ID. Type in your Apple ID password if requested.
Scroll down and click on Manage.
Choose your Apple Music Membership. (If you have other subscriptions, like my Guns & Ammo magazine subscription, they will be listed here too.)
Click the Automatic Renewal slider.

And now you’re done! In 3 months, your free trial will expire, and Apple Music will simply stop working. No charge. But if during that time you decide you want to keep using it, come back here and choose your renewal options, that are listed just above the Automatic Renewal slider. Take note, once you turn off Automatic Renewal, that slider will disappear.

Our plan is, once we’re off disability, I’m going to sign us up for the Family Plan, which is one of the most affordable family plans, giving us 6 users!


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