Fujifilm XT-1
Fujifilm XT-1, Canon 70-200mm macro @ 70mm, f/4, 1/7, ISO 200, Aperture and Silver Efex Pro 2

I set out to shoot something entirely different for this challenge. But I couldn’t find it. Then it hit me, the distinctive look of an AR-15 bolt carrier group is really cool and unique. So I busted out my 6.8 SPC II BCG, and proceeded to try a macro shot of it with a couple of different approaches.

First I started with my Canon 70-200mm lens, on a converter for the X-Mount. The minimum distance isn’t nearly as close as I’d prefer. So next I did the flip the lens trick, with my Fujifilm 35mm. That got me real close, but I couldn’t get it sharp enough in focus. Last I tried my macro lens mounted to my iPhone. I just couldn’t get it still enough. So I went with the Canon’s result, which is good, and I like. A little creative crop and some of my fave processing in Silver Efex Pro 2, and presto! I did a color one too, but black and white always gets my personal vote.


Alternate BCG


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