Pops ain’t so bad…

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

My dad is a great dad. God saved him when I was 10, and the following year I too was saved. My heart was opened to Jesus, as I saw Him slowly begin to change my dad. He continued to grow and find a healthy balance between being a really great Deputy Sheriff, and attentive father. He would make the greatest effort to attend all my swim meets and my Boy Scout events. He served in my scout troop in a number of different roles, yet wasn’t a helicopter dad, floating around getting into my own growth.

Dad and I on a ride  Dad teaching

His discipline was firm, yet loving. I never felt like he overreached, and was a wonderful teacher of all the things young men need to learn.

He transitioned quite well to being the father of an adult son. I remember coming home one of the first weekends after I’d gone away to college. As I went out to hang with some friends, I checked in with him. He told me something like this, “Trev, you’ve been away at college, doing your own thing. Go out, enjoy your friends. Come home when you’re done.”

The consummate Dodger fan The Legacy

As a father myself, there has been several times where dad waited for a good time, and pulled me aside to offer his take on how I had handled something. Sometimes to encourage. Sometimes to critique. Sometimes to compliment.

And now that he’s retired and they’re lives have changed, he has come to our aid in a wide variety of ways. Yes, much of their help has been both my parents efforts.

Dennis Carpenter continues to be a great father, and I’m blessed that God chose him as my dad.




Author: TREVOR

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