Stop infringing on my civil rights!

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. That truth seems to be lost on so many, and unfortunately it’s lost on too many elected officials, including our destroy-America President, BO.

If the rights of South Carolina citizens had not been infringed upon, by a quasi-ban on carrying a concealed firearm within a church, and one of those partitioners had chosen to exercise that civil right, that racist dirtbag could have been stopped before he murdered those 9 people.

Listen to me. If you read and remember nothing else, remember this…

Criminals to not obey laws. You will NEVER be able to ban and collect every firearm in the US. In nations where firearms are banned completely, there are still firearms! And in those rare occasions where the criminal can’t get one, he gets a knife and uses that. The very definition of a criminal is…

1. a person charged with and convicted of crime
2. a person who commits crimes for a living

Seriously, every person who believes that creating more gun laws will somehow stop gun crimes is diluted and ignorant of human behavior. It is only for their own selfish goals and fears that they pursue these laws. And all the while they’re infringing on law abiding citizens’ civil rights.

The right of self protection, including the right to own possess and if necessary use a firearm, of equal capability to the government is a right, a basic human right. The Bill of Rights doesn’t grant us this right, it recognizes it. There is a difference, and it’s important.

Bill of Rights

Your right to speak freely, assemble with your church, to not have your home searched without a warrant, to not be treated differently because of your skin color or family tree, etc, those are all fundamental human rights, that our Constitution RECOGNIZES, not grants. We don’t have those rights because of the Constitution, we have them because they’re given to us by God.

Do you know that the first gun laws were enacted so that southern democrat whites could keep recently freed black slaves from having firearms to defend themselves? Even then, Democrats were out to use civil rights violating and unconstitutional laws to force their control over others.

Do you know that the NRA was started, founded by religious leaders who wanted to protect freed slaves from the Ku Klux Klan?

Here’s two articles that support my last two claims…

This is yet another reason why this next presidential election is so important. There are a great number of federal judges preparing to retire, including the possibility of a few Supremes. We DO NOT need any fool that a liberal who wants to control our lives, and lives under the ignorant notion that infringing on our civil rights is good for America’s citizens. Hilary and her ilk will continue that same path, destroying the U.S.A. one more step at at time.

We need a president who will undo the damage already done by Barack Hussein Obama, the anti-colonial-destroy-Americas-influence-in-the-world stratagem. (Dinesh D’Souza produced a tremendous film revealing Obama’s hatred for America’s past colonialism, and the likelihood that his presidency was designed to undo America’s influence in the world. You should watch it! If you’re local to me, I have it.)

I’ve taken a small rabbit trail. Sorry.

Back to the point. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. That truth cannot be refuted. Feel free to try, but I will engage you and show you where you are wrong. On this issue, I am unwavering. This most basic human right, the right to defend my individual self and others shall not be infringed. When firearms are outlawed, I will be an outlaw. That’s not a cheesy phrase, it’s a statement I will back up…unto my end.


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.