For now, these are my choices.


Stepping back, I am a single issue voter. I believe in individual personal freedom. That means a few things, within my worldview. The individual unborn child, as the right to freedom of life. The individual citizen has the right to maintain their freedom, without dependence on the government to protect them; unrestricted access to modern weapons of self defense. And last, individual freedom to start and maintain a business, with the least amount of government interference as possible. Over taxation, regulation, licensing, etc, hinders all of this. When the government is working hard to hinder a business owner, they are not honoring their personal freedoms. When the government seeks to make it harder for the average citizen to arm themselves, they are overstepping their role, in fact violating their civil rights rights. And when the government allows women to kill their kids, they are violating the civil rights of the unborn. These are Bill of Rights issues to me, fundamentally wrong. That’s how I filter out those who are worthy of my vote.


Ted Cruz first came to my attention as the Texas Solicitor General, who amicus brief on behalf of the Attorney Generals of 31 states in the Washington DC vs Heller landmark 2nd Amendment case. He wasn’t the primary attorney arguing before the SCOTUS, yet he was one of several. I read his entire statement, and was convinced that this man is the sort of man we want defending the 2nd Amendment!

After that, he went on to eventually be elected to the US Senate, representing Texas. This was a landmark, grassroots, unexpected victory. The people of Texas knew they had someone special, and wanted him representing them!

Ever since then, I’ve been trying to catch every speech he gives. I knew if he decided to take the next big step, I’d be supporting him. The day he announced his candidacy, I “signed up” to support, and even donated a buck. (On our disability, there’s not much I can do for now, but grassroots means grassroots!)

I haven’t written off the other conservative candidates. And to be honest, several of them would be acceptable to me. Yet, each one seems to have one speech they made or one stance they take that makes them a less desirable candidate.

  • Chris Christie, not a conservative. No way I’ll support him.
  • Jeb Bush, not a conservative. And it’s time for the Bush family to retire.
  • Rick Santorum. To wishy-washy. Plus, he tried. We don’t want him.
  • Mike Huckabee. No. No. No. Had your try, we don’t want you.
  • Lindsay Graham. Not a chance. This guy has supported all the wrong things a GOP Senator should be supporting. Fail.

There are some candidates that I’m just not sure about. Maybe they’ll end up fitting my worldview, maybe not.

  • Ben Carson. Not sure about his commitment to the 2nd Amendment. Might make a good cabinet member.
  • Rand Paul. Rather him as a VP or cabinet member. His Libertarian leanings are refreshing, but his foreign policy is a bit to be desired. He’s better than his dad ever was!
  • Rick Perry. I think he’s emerged from the last run. He’s done some awesome things in Texas, and that shouldn’t be overlooked. His stances on my most important issues are right on. I just don’t think America will elect him.
  • Bobby Jindal. There’s nothing I don’t like about him. If he emerged, I’d support him. I’m afraid he’ll hang around long enough to get his name out there, and end up in the cabinet, or even better, run 8 years from now.
  • Scott Walker. People seem to like him. It seems to focus on his success as a governor. I just don’t know enough about him to support him.


Then came along another candidate, Carly Fiornia. I’ve known of her success in the business world, especially Silicon Valley and her leadership at HP. Yes the left snivels about layoffs, etc. Honestly, the left has no idea how to run a successful corporation. Every small business owner I’ve ever known was either a conservative before, or slowly embraced true free market principles as they built their business. Why? Because liberal policies stifle business growth and success, every time.

Carly spoke at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference recently. The video is below. She is so unbelievably to-the-point, and easy to understand, I was engaged from the get go. If Ted withdrew today, Carly would be my candidate. According to On The Issues, Carly is pro-life in all the right ways. And according to this video she recorded for the NRA, she’s clearly pro-2nd Amendment, not as a hunting right like so many foolish are, but as a constitutional right (aka civil right).

At this point, I have determined that my support will continue for Ted Cruz and Carly Fiornia. You may even see a few stickers on my truck. Because, what American truck isn’t complete with a declaration or two supporting those things that I’m passionate about, like the NRA, my blue heeler, my politics, and my favorite ski resort!

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Author: TREVOR

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