Don’t be scared of politics!

You know, much of what I’ve read about successful blogging entails writing about what people want to hear and read. And for the most part, I’ve done that here. I’ve shared my leukemia journey. I’ve shared my spiritual growth. I’ve shared about my family and all the photos I love to create. On occasion I’ve shared my worldview. But I’ve mostly avoided divisive posts. On my fatherhood blog, ViaPaterna, I share challenges, that can be controversial, but I include warnings, etc.

But this is And honestly, I grew away from too much controversy on my social media accounts because of the diversity there, and no one gets convinced of anything on Twitter or Facebook. They just argue. So, as I matured, I stopped “getting into it” over there. But here, this is my place. So, I’m game.

With the upcoming Presidential election, I plan on engaging and posting much of my stronger opinions here. Take note of my Commenting Policy, and know that polite disagreement is welcome. But honestly, a completely different worldview might just be a distraction. If you consider yourself a conservative, but disagree with some of what I say, let’s discuss it. If you’re a polarized liberal or progressive, I’m not sure if you’ll enjoy the banter. Yet, I do know a handful of folks who are mature enough for that conversation.

So following this post, I’ll be tossing out my stance on the current field of candidates I hope to see lead this country after this upcoming election.


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.