Meg’s older

My awesome little sister is celebrating her birthday today. I can’t say enough great things about her. I love her dearly.

O10849934_10203481754624895_7831103197271530042_nf course we’ve had our ups and downs. Childhood was just like one might expect conflict, yada yada. But by the time High School rolled around, I was glad to have her there. When I was a senior, she was a freshman. My group of friends folded her in just fine, and we did much together. She’s good company.


As adults, she followed me to APU, but we didn’t get to be there together. Yet we were developing our relationship as adults.

By the time we were back in Camarillo, I was married and she and her husband were married shortly there after. Now we got to develop a new kind of relationship. I’ll sum it up with, it’s great. Sure we’ve had disagreements, and worked through them.

When I got sick, her love for me and mine for her really blossomed. She served me in her own ways. She’s been one of the more reliable drop-the-kids-at-the-last-minute folks. (Along with my parents and a local angel.)

And now with our father’s PD, she and her husband have stepped up to help take care of him by moving in with my parents. I could not love her more for doing this! Her’s and her husband’s sacrifice is unparalleled.

Happy birthday Megan Hamlin! I love you dearly.



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