Camping project

I love camping. When my medical team cleared me for camping, I immediately set out to plan a trip. The family is gonna hit Montana de Oro, a state park on the coast with cool weather, and nice campsites.

For now we’re in a tent with my camper shell covered GMC Sierra. But the point of this post isn’t about our upcoming trip, but a few DIY projects I have planned, to enhance our camping experience.


First up is an awning off the truck. Yes an Easy-Up would “work”. But, I want it connected and able to combat moisture and rain. So I’m looking for a used, or new if need be, awning like you’d find on a tent trailer. You install an uninterrupted track the length of the side for install. Then the awning has a beaded end that slides into the track, providing a somewhat sealed line. A gasket will help seal it, and maybe some caulking. I want it first installed along the back of the shell, so that access to the bed, lined up with our existing tent, is good. I want tracks along the sides of the shell too, eventually.

Next up is an upgraded tent. What we have a a decent Wal-Mart tent. It’s lasted a while, and would be good enough for now. But I’d really prefer to upgrade to a canvas tent. A little more solid, etc. Plus those tend to have their own built in canopies, which when overlapped strategically they can repel any moisture/rain quite well.

Eventually I’d like for the wife and I to be able to mattress it in the bed of the truck, and the kids share the large tent. With the addition of a screened in room addition to the awning off the truck, we should be free to be in the truck have an open room between us and the kids in the tent. One large space!

All this can be done slowly, without breaking the budget. If I sought one of the made for the truck rear tents, I’d spend a fortune right now, and break the disability budget. I have a meme-like set of photos that I made to explain all this, and figure it’s perfect for this post.



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