Inspiring book, in two ways 

My pastor picked up this inspirational book that he knew would impact me. It’s a photo journal of the journey of a man who used to don the stage with great attention, Dieter Zander. I actually met him at a conference I attended in Chicago many years ago. He stood out from the rest of the crowd. He had insight and spiritual leadership that transcended the programs and simple inspirational preaching offered by the others. He was clearly a part of the Church’s future. I even had a chance to meet him. Years later I heard he left Chicago to plant a church in San Francisco. I kinda wanted to be a part of that. Not long after, Deanna and I helped plant a church in Ventura, CA.

IMG_5494 (1)

Fast forward to today. The short is that he had a stroke, and all the stage work is gone. It appears that he cannot speak, and he has embraced a new kind of life on mission. A friend gave him a camera, and like my journey, he grew as he realized it’s a storytelling device. His artistry surpasses my own, but I am motivated by his art. I’ve been trying alternate projects in recent weeks for this very reason. Storehouse is a site/app that is helping me learn how to tell a story with my images, with minimal captions. It’s much like this book, called A Stroke of Grace. Below are a few shots of the book, the most compelling pages to me.

IMG_5495 (1)

The full paged photo is of Dieter. The story it tells is remarkable. I know this story. It is my story. I’m brought to tears over it. Dieter, I’m inspired and ministered to by you. Thank you for submitting to the Lord and continuing your ministry of discipleship.


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