I’d like mine with Verde on top

Recently I’ve been keeping my eyes open for new ways to enjoy my photography. As you know, I love a challenge, and I do well with a directed challenge. A few of my friends stumbled upon another primarily smartphone photo app that has a weekly theme, yet people can and do submit whatever they want.

It’s story based. So you’re encouraged to take multiple photos that help weave a story. Maybe a trip you took, or a series of like photos, etc. That really resonated with me. The first themes they had after I downloaded and signed up were color based, simply, #ISpyacolor. I jumped right in and did the first one, pink. It was fun! I added the challenge of shooting only macro shots. With my recent project to be able to use my lenses on my iPhone 6+, I was excited to stick with a challenge just shooting macros. The pink result is below, A Study in Macro Pink.


The next one was #ISpyGreen. Easy enough! That’s below, I’d Like Mine With Verde on Top.


If you’re into taking fun and nice photos with your iOS device, this is a wonderful tool to challenge you and help you grow. I like the story telling part, and have a few ideas for taking my submissions to the next level. And with the recent upgrade of Snapseed to 2.0 and the killer new features, my processing options are wide open. (Sorry Android folk, I don’t see an app for you guys.)


Author: TREVOR

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