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Many of you know that I had a bit of a setback over the last few months. I’ve had two re-admissions the the hospital, and they kinda beat me down. Below I’ve had Deanna write down a nice synopsis of my status as it stands now. This is after several tests while back at UCLA and a few after. I did a nice large round of testing, that gave us a bunch of results. Some of it is a little alarming, but don’t fret. I’ll give you my feedback and where I believe the Lord is within all of this.

The neurologists conclusion is that Trev’s brain issues are most likely due to chemo toxicity. That means some permanent damage. His brain has actually shrunk which is why there is more liquid surrounding it and that explains why pressure may be an issue. When he is tired the confusion, loss for words and short term memory is worse because his reserves are so much lower in his brain. They are having him take what’s called a neuropsych test in July that will determine him being put on permanent disability. These were the risks of high doses of chemo. So his LP yesterday didn’t have any chemo in it because they don’t want to further damage his brain.

Trev seems ok by it all. He says he will just be a different kind of man and  has faith in God’s plan for all of this.

His labs were good and they continue to bring the prednisone down.

that beardThis does not alarm us. However, we know that God is in control. That’s not a flippant comment either! We believe that.

It’s amazing how clearly the Lord has watched over me through this whole process! He comforts me on sleepless nights. He’s brought the most amazing brothers and sisters to care for Deanna, the kids, our dogs, and me! When we’ve been the most desperate He sends the right help. Disability is not for the faint of heart! Yet we make it.

You know, these changes do not cause me fear. I know my Lord cares for me, and is empowering me to not waste my cancer. We’re not afraid of the term “brain damage”, that’s now a part of my journey. I see this change as an integral part of my sanctification and a primary tool God is using to change me into the man he desires me to become. I am blessed.


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  1. I am a friend of your Mom’s from high school. We have seen God work mightily in suffering and bring good from all things according to His plan. After a short bout with cancer diagnosed on Dec. 19, my son,Paul, passed away on Jan. 20,2015.His wife is delivering their 4th child today.


  2. You have been on mine and my church’s prayer list since the onset. Amidst the “Why?” questions, the old song comes to mine, “Farther along, we’ll understand why.” I pray for your family as they offer support and comfort as well. Good memories of days gone by, too.


  3. More than 100 students at Santa Clara High School in Oxnard pray for you each day. Stay strong, Trevor.


  4. Our prayers continue to go before you and the family. Thank you for allowing us to share in your journey during the high and yes low points too. Your an inspiration to many as you draw upon Gods strength. You know more today about trust than most in the Christian body…’s just not a simple word. We continue to claim Proverbs 3:5-6 for you and the family. It’s obvious you are loved!


  5. You know Trevor, you have always been one who could handle things a weaker person would crumble under. Your faith and courage is an amazing blessing you have been given which serves as an inspiration to others. Never doubt what a difference you have made in the lives of your family and those who know you. Making a difference in this world is our true purpose and you have certianly done that. Thank you for being an amazing example of a good man and a brave person who stands by his faith reguardless of circumstances. Your wife and children are truly blessed to have you.
    Take care.


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