2015 Challenge, Week 10: NUMBERS – 50mm

2015 Challenge, Week 10: NUMBERS – 50mm

This one is truly titled…

“I just unbuttoned”

Tonight I ventured out for kinda my first evening, with the fam. We had dinner with this lovely couple, whom I’m not sure I could share more deeply with these days. They’re a part of a larger group of wonderful people supporting and loving upon Deanna and I as we struggle through this slow part of my journey right now. They truly bless us.

On the tech side, my Fujifilm X-T1 with the wonderful 35mm lens, just fits the 50mm requirement. See the EXIF data on the image, and you should see that after my crop is calculated, this image is a 53mm image. I pray you’ll permit such closeness. 🙂




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