Self promotion: Need a 2015 Calendar?

So, a few months back, my co-authors at conceived an idea for how they and our numerous participants could help our family out, by purchasing a calendar of submitted images. So we announced the idea, asking for submissions. The four of us authors voted on our faves, and 12 images were selected. Jeremy, one of my 3 co-authors, designed the calendar, and last week we announced the final product on our blog. The profits are coming to me, to help Deanna and I with finances, etc.

(If you didn’t know, I publish a themed photography challenge blog. I have 3 co-authors that also contribute.)

As of today, at 10 am, 51 calendars have sold. I figured that I’d promote it here, for any of my readers who might want to help us out in this special way, and also get a calendar out of it. I know a few people have bought more than one, to give away as gifts. That helps us even more. Don’t sweat it if you can’t.

We love you all for you continued prayerful support!



Author: TREVOR

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