Been a while, sorry

Hello all! First I want to apologize for not writing any sort of update for a very long time.

When last I wrote, I had just spent a weekend back in the hospital with a little setback. Thankfully, I recovered and was sent home, and that’s where I’ve been since. I’ve had weekly, then bi-weekly clinic appointments, but no more admissions back into UCLA.

I started out on a ton of meds, and they’ve been slowly decreased. A few have even been discontinued. Other than that, my clinic visits have been consistently simple and boring, and that’s great!

Since August, we’ve continued to have several wonderful people who have blessed us with financial help that arrived at just the right time. It’s amazing how God continues to care for us, while I’m on disability. We are so very grateful!

One of the important emotional milestones I’ve arrived at, has been releasing the notion that I’ll have improvements from day to day. Yet on the other side of that coin I’ve embraced the notion that I can experience improvements from week to week. Once I embraced this, I found my spirits lifted quite a lot.

About a month ago, I was given permission to attend church again. That was a HUGE milestone!

You see, there are basically two things that have much room to improve. The first is my strength and endurance. The second is my immune system. When I received the transplant, and began to rebound, my immune system was more diminished than a new born infant. They had the benefit of their mother’s antibodies. So, early on, I was susceptible to the simplest of sicknesses. That’s why I spent that weekend in the hospital. And ever since, I’ve been slowly getting healthier and healthier. So once I had been well enough, long enough, my Nurse Practitioner let me start going to church again. Crowds are not a good thing for me, which is why I was denied the opportunity to attend the annual LA Auto Show. 😦 Another tradition I’m having to forego, for now.

On the strength and endurance issue, is where I ask for the most prayer. I am not as responsible at getting out and walking, which I need. I was cleared to start cycling again, and I did my first ride a week or so back; 2.7 miles. Any riding is good riding! I’m hoping to start riding once a week, soon. My mileage will remain quite small, but even a short ride helps me out a lot.

I think that about catches y’all up with how my recovery has progressed over the last few months. Thank you again for your support and prayer!


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