Quick update…chemo time!

OK, so yesterday marked the end of my radiation therapy. Yippy! It made me generally yucky; nausea and headache. My taste started to depart as well.

But this morning, I move on to the next step towards my transplant; chemotherapy. I’ll start a high-dose chemo today, for two days. Then I’ll get another one for two days after that.

Together, the radiation and the chemo are my main pre-treatments before actually receiving the bone-marrow/stem cell transplant. They’re designed to completely wipe out my immune system, so that the donated cells will be utilized to rebuild.

Chemo makes me sick.

So, please continue to pray that I can maintain a comfortable status quo.


Author: TREVOR

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4 thoughts on “Quick update…chemo time!”

  1. Prayer for you, my father went through the same thing twice, went into remission and came back, 3 years later. They didn’t have the stem cell thing at that time, so wishing you luck and prayers.


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