Headaches suck.

I’m on a roll, and feeling much better!

The past few days have been rough, here at the UCLA Medical Center. I’ve had the most horrible headache/migraine, almost worse than the month-long migraine I had just prior to my leukemia diagnosis.

By yesterday, late morning, I could not even sit up in bed. I was taking the max pain med, and had constant ice on my neck and lower head. The docs really aren’t sure about this symptom. They’ve been helping me beat it back, but where it’s coming from, we don’t know.

Honestly, it could be as simple as me nearly going off coffee. (That’s why I’ve been drinking coffee like Steve Mann today. And it’s helping, I think.)

Anyways, it’s been a rough few days here, but I think I’m pulling out of it.

My numbers are mostly bottomed out.

As you may know, I track my daily blood lab results on a spreadsheet, that makes a chart for me. Seeing a visual representation helps me get a better idea of where I’m at in my neutropenic period. The gist of my time here is that my numbers are falling as I arrive. Then they bottom out. Then they recover. Once they recover to a certain point, I go home. So comparing the current numbers with my last post-chemo neutropenia, I can make educated guesses about my progress.

So, being bottomed out, I have hope that I’m now transitioning to the back end of my stay here. Since this was my third and final round of chemotherapy, I am also approaching that time when I return home…for good.

Praise God.


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