The worst of the suffering is…

As you may know, I just finished what should be my last round of chemotherapy. Yippy! Deanna and I were released the day before Thanksgiving, just in time to enjoy the holiday with family! And now I’m chilling at home.

The journey is far from over though. In the next few days I’ll need to head back to the hospital, for a couple weeks. If you recall, when I get chemo it whacks out my immune system. My white blood cell count, and a few others, will follow dangerously low. That’s why I’ll need to be back at the hospital, so they can keep me from getting sick.

After those two weeks, my care should transition tremendously. I’ll switch to getting checked all the time, sometimes at my local clinic, and sometimes back at UCLA. The upcoming months will mostly be about me recovering my physical fitness, and maintaining my remission.

Above all, much of this journey is behind me, and for that I am grateful. The ebbing and flowing of a struggle like this is no fun, and I really have a new understanding of what suffering encompasses.

Yet, when I think about Christ, I’m reminded that my discomfort is minimal, compared to his own suffering.

But more to the point, God has truly taken amazing care of me and my family throughout this journey. It is amazing to me how our needs are met so often, most of the time at the hands of friends and family who are sometimes sacrificially giving to us, and that’s not just monetarily! Lately I’ve realized how blessed we are to have the freedom to homeschool our kids as well. There have been times that the method our kids were cared for would have been inhibited heavily, by their need to go to an institutional school.

This journey would have been so much worse, had the needs of my family not been cared for the way they have been. Even my dog has had a place to lay his head every night. The love of God, through our community, has held us with great care. We’ll continue to be grateful for a very long time.


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Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.

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  1. Trevor I am so glad to hear you were able to have Thanksgiving with the family. I will continue praying for you and the family. I’m so glad you mom and dad are able to keep us informed on how you are doing too. Love you, Kelly


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