When the 9 year old is wiser

Friends, tonight I failed.

There are times in life when someone around you makes a mistake, and you have a great opportunity to show them understanding, forgiveness, and grace. Tonight, I did not do that.

My lovely wife prides herself in making food that we all mostly love. She especially points out to me often that she enjoys making things that I want to eat. Sometimes, quite rarely, she chooses to do something she wants. Tonight, she made this killer banana crumb cake, with bacon. At the last minute, she included some nuts in the batter, just at one end of the cake. Then, she accidentally rotated the cake, and sprinkled more nuts on top. The problem is that the whole cake had nuts on it now. The problem is that she’s the only one who wanted nuts.

Once dinner was made, she cut into the banana crumb cake, to serve it up. It was then that she discovered what she had mistakenly done. She was actually more vocally upset than any of us. But I was upset. I tried real hard to just keep quite, but I’m pretty sure I failed.

I know I did.

Do you know who schooled me? My 9 year old boy, aka Freckles. He loudly voiced, “It’s OK mom!” He was clearly trying to put her at ease, not just say something nice. He broke my heart, and showed me Jesus.


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.