Continued remission update…

Well folks, it’s been a while since my last update. Sorry.

Goran, my clinic NP. He's taken pretty good care of me so far.

Back on the 7th of October I mentioned that I was headed back to UCLA for another bone marrow biopsy. And in fact, I did come back down for one, last friday. I also was scheduled to be readmitted that same day, to start my second round of consolidation chemotherapy. That too happened.

This bone marrow biopsy wasn’t as bad as any of the rest! I’m not ready to condone them or anything, but relative to the rest, this was awesome! I even offered up one of our kids to the NP who performed the procedure! (I think that was the cocktail of drugs speaking.)

We had a short break after the procedure, and headed to The Grove to kill some time, and get an awesome meal. Try Fat Cow, it’s a Gordon Ramsay place. Really good!

Tasty eats before getting admitted later today. This will beat that low bacteria diet in the hospital!

After some shenanigans, I finally had a bed. You may not know, but patients like me go to the same wing on the same floor, most of the time. That means that I also get the same team of nurses each time. This makes for great opportunities for relationships to develop. I’ve been trying to pray for these people, and ask the Lord to allow me to be a source of light. It’s not always easy to remain aware of your witness when you’re not feeling well. Yet, it is a great opportunity to live missionally, by simply suffering well. And thus far, I believe that the Lord has empowered me to do so.

The first few doses of chemo were kinda rough. I must admit, this has been the yuckiest round of chemo so far. Today is a good day though. I mostly slept for the past day and a half, I’m confident that the Lord was allowing me to recoup. This afternoon I’ll get another dose of chemo, followed up by the last in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow. Assuming all goes well, we’ll be sent home tomorrow morning.

I’m thankful to the Lord for keeping encouraging people around us! I get messages and texts all the time from caring peeps, and I love it! I might not be perfect at replying to you all, and I hope that you take that with some grace. 🙂

I’m also thankful to all the wonderful peeps who’ve been taking care of our home and kids! My mom and dad make multiple trips down here from Camarillo, sometimes just because we need some laundry done. You know, I don’t worry one bit about how the kids are doing. Why? Because I know that they’re safe and being cared for well!

Thank you Lord!

After we’re home this week, my numbers will drop and we’ll be back down here at UCLA for about two weeks. That period is called neutropenia. Once I bounce back from neutropenia, we’ll have a week or so of break before I’m back down here for what could end up being my last round of chemotherapy!

One more thing. For the praying among you, I thought I’d mention an old friend of mine. Jon Ramsay. Jon and I were roommates in college. Earlier this month he had some headaches, along with other symptoms, that resulted in scans. A tumor was found, and he was rushed into surgery. This is obviously the short of it. His wonderful wife has been blogging most of their journey, here. Be praying for them, as Jon’s recovery journey may be lengthy. He’s a great man, and I’m confident that the Lord is with him.

Oh yeah, and the results are in from last week’s not-as-bad-as-the-rest bone marrow biopsies! No more excess blast cells! That’s good, real good! Continued remission.


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  1. Trevor thinking of you and the family often. You are an amazing man and I love you. May God continue to give you the positive and awesome attitude that you have.


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