Second Round of Consolidation Chemo starts…

DrillSo it looks like I’m headed back to UCLA for my next round of consolidation chemo this Friday. Recalling how the process goes, from last time, I should be starting the chemo as early as Friday afternoon. Either way, they’ll treat me for 5 days and kick me out.

I’m also getting yet another bone marrow biopsy on Friday morning, before I’m to be admitted. Those suck, if you didn’t know.

If the biopsy has any other result than, boring and normal, then I may be faced with some sort of change to my plan or some additional chemo treatment. Or worse yet, a bone marrow transplant. But I’m just taking it one step at a time, for now.

In the mean time, I’m going exploring with my oldest two and my dad in the Los Padres National Forest tomorrow and the next day!

*I couldn’t help the graphic. Trying to take it all in stride. 🙂


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