Fifteen years…wow.

I have not regularly participated in the weekly themed photo challenges posted at, this year. I make an effort every few weeks. Really, being sick is not a decent excuse. I can almost always come up with something, if I just plan ahead.


Love, version 1
Love, version 1
Love, version 2
Love, version 2

These two photos are basically the same photo, with somewhat unique finishing touches. I could not decide which photo to officially submit, so I thought I’d blog them first, and look at them for a little bit in the morning.

The theme for this week is love. I really wanted to see each photographer submit photos that capture love in action, or something like that. For me, the past few months have seen obscene amounts of love poured onto my family and I.

Right now, as I write this, our 4 kids are being cared for by a team of families and young couples. They’re taking turns staying at our place each night, so the kids keep some level of comfort and routine in the evenings. Then one of the families is taking them during the day, and that mother has actually taken over their homeschooling.

You probably already know that the first time I came to UCLA, my parents, sister, and brother-in-law did all this. Then my father-in-law. And the second time I was here, my parents facilitated it all at our place.

People have been, and are loving us in action, every day.

Yet, in spite of all the stress and anxiety regarding the care of our kids, my wife has worked quite hard to not only brief all those people with the important details, but she has remained focused on caring for me. She has stayed with me during each visit to the hospital. Even when she runs an errand, she makes sure to not be gone too long. She’s sleeping on a slide-out couch, for crying out loud!

Her choice to love me has meaning. Her choice to love me is observable. Her choice to love me is Christ.

Happy 15th anniversary, my love.


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.

5 thoughts on “Fifteen years…wow.”

  1. A very powerful photo, which has really touched me. I think on many levels (although maybe not to this degree) people can relate to the feeling one has towards loved ones, in times of need. For me, i see the photos as with and without. The cooler coloured photo is the clinical, factual situation and the warm photo is your family’s love filling the room. I wish you a speedy recovery. God bless.


  2. Love the tone on the second one, makes everything crisp even tho it is night. A little bit surreal! Love like that is very defined and a little surreal in this day and age of “it’s all about me”, God has truly blessed you with an amazing blessing in the love that you have shared these past 15 years! Praying for you, Trevor!


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