Consolidation – Round 1…coming to a close

OK peeps, the numbers have dropped. After the most recent chemo treatment I was sent home to rest and recover. I was also supposed to be sick and need mucho rest. I’ve been tired over the past week, but I was only sick just after the chemo treatment. Since I’ve been home, I’ve actually been feeling quite well.

But, no matter how I feel, my blood lab numbers have been slowly falling. I even needed a platelet infusion on Saturday.

Today’s lab results came back, and the important stats dropped below the appointed threshold. So, I contacted UCLA, and they’re coordinating my return.

At this point I’m to return to UCLA while my body recovers. During that time my immune system will bottom out a little more, then slowly bounce back. They originally said that it will take about 2 weeks before I’m released. But, I’m holding out hope that it’ll be a bit shorter.

I love having visitors, so if you’ve not been sick this week contact Deanna to find a good time to come see me. 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Consolidation – Round 1…coming to a close”

  1. Trevor, Pastor Dan Birchfield of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Port Hueneme, your grandparent’s church home. I am praying for the stay to be much shorter than two weeks, and I am praying that God is doing his awesome healing work. Westminster is praying for you today, and will keep doing so. If you would like to have a pastor drop in for some conversation and prayer in person, I am available. You name the time, and I would be glad to come. God Bless You and make His face to shine upon you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


  2. Becky, it’s sort of both good and bad. The numbers dropping means the chemo is doing its job. However, it also means he has little to no immune system as a result. So, while he has a compromised immune system, he has to be in the hospital.


    1. What Manette says below. 🙂

      It was expected, and sort planned for. We just didn’t know exactly when my numbers would drop. (I was holding out hope for a few more days.)


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