Quick prayer request…

This was my Facebook status this morning

Kinda bummed at the shiny new Marian. Came in for platelet infusion, was told “we’re ready for you”, but wasted 30 min in ER waiting room for registration. Then I get to sit in my room for another hour, waiting for…don’t know. Seen my nurse once. Happy birthday to my youngest! I just wanna hang with the fam!

OK. So, I need prayer folks…but this time it’s different. I need prayer for my own attitude. I’m quite upset and I don’t want to be mean to people who probably share none of the blame.

  • Dr orders are for a special blood product, that must be ordered. They don’t stock it at our “Regional Medical Center” (that’s another issue).
  • Dr’s orders were ordered yesterday. But did the hospital order the blood yesterday? Nope.
  • I was called this morning saying, “We’re ready for you.” So, I went down before my daughter’s soccer game, with the knowledge that my infusion would take about an hour.
  • The bed was supposed to be ready. The blood was supposed to be ready. I signed paperwork yesterday, so that the whole thing would go quick and smooth today.
  • This morning they required me to register, in the ER, because it’s a Saturday. (Regional Medical Center) That took 30 minutes.
  • I got in my room and sat for an hour, and I met the nurse once, and had vital signs taken. AN HOUR!
  • I arrived at the hospital at 9:00. At 11:30 the nurse came back to say that they had to order the blood that wouldn’t arrive until  the “afternoon”.

So, I left. I packed up my stuff, and told the nurse that I’d be back when they were actually ready for me. While I was packing, she went to “get permission”. Before I was gone she came back to say, “They said you could come back this afternoon.”

I must have not been clear.


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