I’m not just sick

My current state
My current state

For many of my regular readers, this is not news. However, with my recent diagnosis and treatment for leukemia, I’ve gained more readers. Most of you newer peeps are only used to seeing me post updates about my condition. However, this blog has served as Trevor’s long-form blog for a while. Most of my quips are simply posted to the various social media sites where I’m found; Twitter, FB, and Google+. But there are times that I want to say more. Enter, blog.trevorcarpenter.com. I’ve actually been writing here for over 6 years, way before G+, and Twitter. And quite close to when Facebook opened up from college-only to normal peeps.

The subtitle, or catch phrase, for this blog used to be:

This is where I whine, declare, and surmise.

It still fits.

So, if I post stuff that you’re not interested in, like techie/nerdie things, or my faith, or my photography, just ignore it. Or, exit your comfort zone, and join the convo.

FYI, I’m home now. If you didn’t know, I was down at UCLA this past week for my first round of consolidation chemotherapy. It ended up only being 5 days of poisoning, this time. I’m home now until my blood lab numbers drop enough to consider me “neutropenic”. That’s basically when my white blood cells are so wiped out that I’m susceptible to all sorts of sickness and infection; a whacked immune system. They say that it’ll take about a week.

I have this constant feeling of yuckiness, that is not really appeased. There’s a general nausea, but no result. Oh, and I’m fairly tired too.

I expect to be at UCLA for about 2 weeks, when I return. So, if you’re in the area, contact Deanna to coordinate a visit. I love visitors!

That’s it. There’s your update!


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