Leukemia update #3

So, the first few days I was much more motivated to write these blog posts. Plus, there was much more going on, and I wanted to inform many of my family and friends.


But, after I got situated, I really just started a routine that has continued through until today. Last week, on Monday, I started my first chemo treatment. That was a combo of medications at first, and then dropped to just one, that’s been on a 24 hour drip, replaced every day, until today. Last night they hung the 7th and final bag of chemo, for this regiment. It will finish this evening around 6pm. Yippy!

Chemo sucks. If you didn’t know, the gist of it is this; they pump toxic chemicals into you intravenously  This attacks and hopefully kills your cancer. But, it usually ends up killing other stuff too, stuff you need or want. 🙂 I’ve been nauseous and other stuff, for a lot of the time. It also tears down your immune system. That’s one of my dangers. I really cannot fight off any sort of infection, right now. So the result is, even if they got all my cancer, I’ll be here for at least 30 days.

There’s more complex stuff that, honestly, I really don’t care to cover here. At this point, I’m finishing my first round of chemo, and that’s worth celebrating. In a week or so, they’ll need to go back in to see if they got it all. In the mean time, we’re chillin, and just getting the rest I need.

God has been so good to us! In the middle of last week I realized that the majority of my tears haven’t been in sadness or pain. They’ve been in joy! The joy of knowing that so many of you are praying for us! The joy of knowing that so many are helping and seeking ways to help us wade through this part of our journey.

I have so much joy!

God has comforted me in more ways than I knew He would. Most often it has been through the wonderful people in our life who have reached out.

Thank you all so much for your continued support.

I’ll leave you with a humorous shot of me and Jesus, my homeboy.



Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.

16 thoughts on “Leukemia update #3”

  1. Jane and I are keeping you in our prayers. Also for your parents. You will persevere without a doubt…..All our best, Marty


  2. Having gone thru a year of chemo I kind of know what you’re going through but mine was just once a week for 52 weeks. You’re my hero and I know you’ll pull thru with flying colors. God Bless


  3. Trevor, we’re consistently thinking of you and the family. I currently am working at UCLA half days (AM) and would like pop my head in to say hi. I am sensitive, however, to your privacy and would not wish to either disturb you while you rest or, even worse, get you any sicker with your low immunity and all. Let me know when’s best for you…or if I can help in anyway. Meanwhile, continue to rest. Jeff A.


  4. Sending prayers for you and the family, my father was able to fight off leukemia when he was in his 60’s, nasty stuff. Stay strong and hoping for a fast recovery


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