First update

I realize that it has been most of 2013 that I haven’t blogged a dang thing. The reality is that most of my blog readers are already friends with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. So, you’re getting most of what’s happening in my life already.

If you aren’t caught up, let me catch you up.

A couple months ago, I started having yucky migraines. My local doc helped treat them, and I started feeling better. Almost right after, I got a nasty cold, but was scheduled to ride in the LA River Ride Century; which is a 100 mile bike ride, down the LA River, from Griffith Park to Long Beach and back. I was toying with not riding, because I was sick. But the day before, I woke up feeling great, so I rode.

It was actually a wonderful ride! I’ll do it again some day! It’s mostly flat, and a really unique tour of Los Angeles.

However, the next day I regretted it, physically. Over the course of that week, it became apparent that I was sicker than just with a cold. A visit to the doc, resulted in a clear diagnosis of pneumonia.

Three weeks of pneumonia treatment, cramped up at home, missing work, and I was starting to get better. On what may have been my last follow up visit to the doc, he observed that I looked pale. Orders for blood work, and before the end of the day, I was being referred to a blood doc. “Numbers” looked bad, and additional tests were required.

The morning of the 7/5, I headed into the referred doc’s office, for more labs, and a bone marrow biopsy. Trying to avoid googling why someone would need a bone marrow biopsy was impossible. So, our fears were started.

After that, it all started happening real fast. That afternoon, the new doc called to say that it looked likely that I have Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Yeah! He was right then working to get me into UCLA, or Stanford. By dinner time, I had a bed in UCLA’s top not Leukemia wing, and we were packing for the trip down. We made part of the trip that night, down to my parents’ in Ventura County. That also allowed us to leave our kids and dog at their house, and my sister immediately stepped in to take care of them.

So, a lot has happened in a very short time. I’ll follow up with another update soon.

With all the medicine and science unleashing it’s wonderful grasp on my apparent illness, I also have a terrific hope. I have a hope in my glorious Creator, who not only knit me together, almost 38 years ago, but also has a firm grasp on the finite details of all that is going on inside me. I know He is sovereign, and caring. I know that He cares about even the little things. He has blessed me with a wonderful family, who are even right now flexing and adapting their schedules and plans, to be available in whatever way we need. I’m also blessed with an amazing community, a community centered on the Gospel, rising up around us, to help in all the crazy ways they can.

God has comforted me in many ways over the last few days. One of His physical manifestations has been from those around me, expressing their comfort, encouragement, and support.

Thank you all!


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.

6 thoughts on “First update”

  1. Bestest Bud . . . how am I supposed to sew this up in return?! I mean, I can make you a King Tut chin ornament if it makes you feel better (sorry if no one else gets that, it’s a 20 year old reference).

    Praying for you . . . and wishing I could be there to hang out and joke with you and keep nurses and docs on their toes.

    If there’s anything I can do for you, you know you can ask!

    Love you, big guy


  2. Trevor, the newest crop of New America Singers all have your name in their journals to be praying for you as they minister in HK, Singapore and China this summer. We all have favorite stories to tell about you – remember sewing up Will’s chin in Africa? Or trying out to be a super hero? We do!!! Use the Lord’s super powers now and rest in His will – plus, hooray for loving families – you have the best! Blessings to you – look for all the God-opportunities while you’re going through all this.


  3. Hi Sara. We’re praying for you and your family! May God’s peace be surrounding you all!
    ~Your Jr. High Groupies from Element


  4. Praying for your full remission, Trevor! May God give the doctor’s wisdom on the right medication regime for you! God bless you and may He have His comforting hand on you as you undergo all your procedures!


  5. Trevor-

    Lots of prayers and wishes to you and your family . May God continue lifting you up and comforting you. Know that you have many prayers coming from Virginia .


  6. Praying for you and your family without ceasing Trevor. Anything you or the family needs please have them let me know. Love you!


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