Challenge yourself to shoot better!


When I think back to one of the most revolutionary times in my photography journey, the first month I ever challenged myself, with the B&W October Challenge, sounds a very loud gong.

Part of the value stems from that being the beginning of the idea. However, I really believe that narrowing down my focus to shooting only with black and white in mind as the final shot did a number of things. First, I was forced to conceive how colors would balance in monotone. I also had to “see” how the ultimate overall contrast would balance out. There’s just so much I was forced to do, and I believe that ultimately grew me into a better photographer.

With this year’s upcoming, and relaunching, 2013 PhotoChallenge, I’m considering a personal challenge, on top of the regular themes, of shooting in black and white, all year. There will be times when I cannot stick with it, for personal reasons. However, I think a goal of shooting B&W for all my artistically motivated shooting will result in great growth.

And who doesn’t love growth!? Unless you’re talking about your midsection. 😦


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4 thoughts on “Challenge yourself to shoot better!”

  1. I put my nifty fifty on my Rebel, and am considering not taking it off ever again. I may have to switch lenses for specific family events, but 50mm on crop sensor and B&W for myself is a serious 2013 goal.


    1. Very cool idea Richard! I probably won’t stick with one lens, but I can value the choice to do so. I’m also committed to figuring out how to use my Lensbaby. I got one over a year ago, and can’t seem to produce decent results.


      1. If you figure out that Lensbaby, let me know the secret. I have 3G that I cannot get a useable photo from. My new camera body has live view which may help me see what is in focus better. I want to take it and a tripod to the top of a parking garage sometime and try getting some shots of downtown traffic.


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