Ready to shred? No.

Now that The Ivory Yeti is set up and ready to bomb some hills and slide to my heart’s content, am I?

The short answer is, no. But how do I get there?

Well I first had to set down some goals. In doing so, I also had to decide what I don’t want/need to do; like break bones or die. I really did start with all the things I don’t want to be doing, really ever. I don’t want to hit 30 mpg, bombing hills. Ever. I don’t really care to learn how to slide. Ever. I don’t want to be doing tricks that imply a learning curve that includes hitting the ground with various body parts.

Now that that’s covered, what do I want to do? I want to cruise, and increase my ability to ride and carve, for hours at a time. I want to set some longer distanced goals, and then achieve them.

Knowing this, my G+ friend Eric made some recommendations:

Cruising is a ton of fun, but learning how to handle yourself at higher speeds is a must, simply because it might happen.

When cruising, try riding one foot, turning on one foot, etc. Get familiar with it, you don’t need to do it with both, just do it with the foot that isn’t your braking foot. Explore your board, see how riding towards the nose or towards the tail effect the ride. Carve with your feet closer to the edge and see what happens.

This is the most awesome and practical advice! My pal James came over last night and showed me a few things that I expect will be quite helpful, and Eric’s words here fall right in line. You know, one thing that’s great about the skating community, is that there’s always someone better than you, willing to share with you some pointers to help you get to the next level. Love that! Too bad the Church isn’t always like that!

So what are my immediate goals? Well, first off I want to commit to riding every day. I can do it, even on work days! I want to get a simply path in my neighborhood that I can get out, and cruise. The layout of my neighborhood makes it easy to add another street as I get comfortable with an existing path. I plan to follow this method, until I’m ready to kick it up to my next goal; a one mile ride.


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2 thoughts on “Ready to shred? No.”

  1. Great goals to start out with! Learning how your board controls and getting used to it is very important. Learning how you ride is equally important. Learning how to brake, carve (both sides) and other things are crucial before setting out on some adventures. Cruising will come and you will learn what speeds you and your board are ready to handle. From there tweaking your stance, trucks, etc will help you with higher speeds. And like +Eric Peterson said handling higher speeds is a must because it WILL happen sooner or later.

    As someone who spent many a years bombing hills and cruising all over the place on my board, it is always important to have your trucks tightened to the right setting. Too tight and you can’t carve freely. Too loose and you can get the wobbles (on hills/inclines) and that is never fun (and its dangerous).

    Most important of all is to have fun…It is an amazing feeling cruising/carving down the road


    1. Awesome input! Thanks Simon!

      Hopefully my helmet and wrist guards will arrive this week and I can get out to try a little more than between the speed bumps on my street.


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