Begone nipples!

Remember back on May 5th, when I told you about this sweet new photo website called 500px? Then right away I had to amend my recommendation, because of the massive amount of NSFW content (at least 2 photos on every browsing page of photos with exposed nipples).

Well, today they announced that you can filter out the nude content now! Yippy Skippy!

I can only assume that most of the existing photos have not been labeled as nude, so most of them will probably show up until we somehow label them as such.

But this is a step in the right direction! Check out my screenshot below, and see how easy it is to make the settings change.

500px / Site settings


But what do I do if I find a nipple? Report it, of course! Look to the far right of each photo, there’s a standard set of icons for sharing the photo in question on the internets, like Twitter and Facebook. Just underneath those icons, above the cute little menu for choosing your desired language, you’ll find the words “Report photo”. Click it, duh! See below if you can’t read too well.



Author: TREVOR

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2 thoughts on “Begone nipples!”

    1. Sure thing.

      I really love this new site, and I think they have the potential to replace Flickr entirely, for me. But I was really bothered by all the nude photos.

      As soon as this new filter starts to work with near perfection, I’ll be upgrading to their paid account.


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